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Quite Reconciled

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A mclibura: lady, vvho wassomcwhat givon lo needless alarms coneerninglu-r healtli, and upon any slightest ailment íelt hersolf uto auother world. took cold laít week, and immediately concluded tha'j at length her appointed bour had snrely arrived. "Goorgy," she said, taking her four-year-old son upon her lap. "I'ra going to die, Georgy, and you'll have a new niother sometirne." "Oh, well," philosophioally returned the youngster, who íaherit from liis father a disposition quite the reverse of sentimental, and who liad become somewhat accustoired to liis tnotljer's niocds: "Oh, well; if ihere's nothing worse than ttial, I a'pusp r mtu put up witli that.' When Senator Beek visited his oíd lióme in Sootland in 1875, whilo slrolling throngh the íields lie mot an oíd íchoolniate. "You dont remeniber me, Donald?" lio said to him. "No," said Donald, "I don't knovv your face. But I caught a six pound salmón to-day In the firth, and whenever I have done that beEore, something has happened. I don't know you by sight, l)ut you' re eithor lohn McPherson, who Urft ua Iliirty yenrs agone, or you're Jim Beek. Now, wh'ich is it?" "Sureenough,"cried the Senator, "'it's JimBeck.'' "Weel Jimmie, they tell me that the Americana are roing to elévate you to tlic House of Peers. Is it so? Come alons homo then, aud we'll eat theflsh. Ad Aniericin lord is good enough for a Seotch salmón."


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