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II " ira "rTTamC V ' ' 0..u.].oo..i:iruKgist persuado yon totake 11 h; ör"tlH ir '..' I I Eomchi:igelso,butif ho has not got ít, and Ú MMÚ ÏOBTHB vfitl „ot Bcndforit, Tito to US and wewiü scnü ■K lUSí "RT O O 'O itkl'0!1 l'J' prcss, prepaid, on rcccipt ofpm-c. " T S J5ÍJ U U iJ5 ono to thrce bottles of Rheumatic Syrup will í I . ANDA rlcü'r'the syslcm ofBllo, and cure ony case ofln.4í5mlL Positive n-nre lllimmntor r Acut0 íimatism' ü a["A-k FOK Thrce to five bottles wfll curo Erysipelas iu ■íl'' üupmvr á mTowr ils wor"1 firm I fin ñflílulUñllulu. Four to six bottles aro ivarranted lo cure I W Ï ,, , . ' corrupt and running Ulcera. I tr-zw"yíy. Neuralgia, , . lol VW!XV omilTIíil ITIMD Four to six bottles are warranted to cure mwfe SCIATKA, LUMBAGO. 11nycKOofSaltKlieum1__ ibl MMíímm Aninralliblercmedyfnr Five to eight bottles will cure the worst f rl V'xl(tHl) aU !i'eascfl 'ftll ykin caseofScrofula. i !%LMÊÏ {Blood.BiohM Frnmtwotofourlths'UseofEheumatic lm QYR1IP Kinffworm, y'm), will cure any case of Chronic Eheumatism ipUl KiJ;".' Scrofula, of twoiily years' standing. SJS Pimples &rÍAVu,'h s, If yon have been a suflerer for years, and havo ■Hl LqpECiFiCFilR and ís thc tlest Et'mell used all tlie remedies yon could hear of, willi no PÉÜMATisS [."lïnTwiSk: 'van, '' not bo discouraged, for Rhoumalie I -- s-aHd - neses. ít hns cured Syrup will cure you. 3 NEURALGIA diseasis of tlie l.tvev p,.icrF si.oojier bottlc; 0 bottles for S5.0O.


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