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t M.S. SMiTH&GQ. THE- DETROIT JEWELEIS, Publish Below thr-ir . fúü Fifí I Hl OtfL S CONGftESS Sr. . Q ? I 1QP 11 A 1 LAHNED CQ Sr. __JnrLJL I JEFFERSON AVENUE WOQDBRCGE ST. [_]□ GLZ" Map of the new business center of this city, showing the location of thcir elepaut fivestory building, whicb they willoccupy November lst, 1883. Visilors to Detroit are cordially invited to look through onr new place, whicli will be found second to no house in this country in all its appointments. Undoubtedly tbc most perfect bicycle noiv made Is the 'Columbia.' " - Scientific American. "Qo forth upon your whec'J horse, and list to natüre's teachigs." THE COLUMBIA 1HCTCLES Are made as strong acd durable as the best material and most skilied workmansliip can produce. They are used by Merchante, Clerks, Ministère, Lawyors, Doctors, Messingers, Collectors and Carpentera. Tlny funiish the cheapest and best means of HAPID TRANSIT, give the rider the healthiest of out-door excrcise, and in a word are THE POPULAR STEEDS OF TO-DAY. '■I shall rejoice to ste the tirrc trfiën this exereise shall be as popular among girls and vromen as tennis and the dance, for the more fully the pbysical life of our womai.kind is developed the bt-tter for men as well as WODsen." - Dr. J&chardson, of Lon'Ion, m the Tricydc "Now good digestión wait on apnetite, and health on both." THE COLUMlïIA TRICYVLE Is a new machine for general useby both sexes and all ages. By the aüdition of the Columbia Trie.wlc, The Pope Mp'g. Co. can claim to furnisli wheels for THE WHOLE FAMILY. For erandfather. rrnniim.iti.oi., tntor mthor JötnSS man, young lady, auil even to Httlé Jonnie and sissie. Send3c. stamp for 36 page. illustrated Catalogue, with price-list and full information. THE POPE MASUFACTÜR1S6 LO., 5U7 Washington St., Boston, Mass. Or to OHAS. WAGNER Agent. Ann Arbor, Mich., 21 S. Main St. TjVllT WATNH & J ACKON K. K. l'et H hikI ImUanapolia Line. Ky Michigan ('tntial Rnilrond lruiu Ann Arb.)rto JackBiin Trains leave Ann rbr aa fullow Inilannpolis Express 8 40 a m Pt Wnyne Accomodatioa 5 22 p m Uncinnnti Hxpress 11 17 p m AM trains Iraivu by üblouo time. Prrcare Hekels at Ann Arhur or Jacksun. " PPJIFORC), Oen'lSuD Every Live MerchmS IN ANN ARBOR Should Advertise IN THE COÜRIER. ANVA5SER8 WANTED 3eat .Schaíf Herzog ( jSflcyclopdia QELioToys r iiCWOWLEDGt , By PHILIP SCHAFF ja Amlated by ovi c 800 of tha most aocomSi:,V,i( ' ' eb-oUra In Anuri. ! " "j ■ The w'ork la toheconjpl.-tedloilireetBD. I "I HM completed In n u-,, tnorith. %k i n mi, re ii a mr, hki in rrv rMi'r r1 ["'["■ "■""' "!' kind ."„,? 1 No ietu-r Umn thla (tor exDericneod to handle. Exclusive tïrrltOTy "! -. Addres, HORACE STACY 1 i 177 V 4lhm., (I.ATI,O.


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