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BUSINESS CARDS; williaM m;;s, Contractor and Builder, SHOP: Coruer Chureh I Orlwms Street, A!W ABBOH,yUVH. v. iÍTjacksox, DflEIÍlSniTIIIIISlITiL OFFICE : , Over Bachs A Abel's Dry Goods Store. Entrante by First NaTiohai Pak. UILLIAM IIEltZ, House, Sign, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! l'aperinp, Glazii g, Gilding, and Calciminioe, and worfe oí every deucriptiou done in the best ïtvle, and warranted to give satisfacción. Shop, No, 4 IV. Washington StM Ann Arbor. c. m ii i 1:1 iet i Re9idbce, 57 South Main St., Teacher of ïms, Violin and Theory of Music. IETSTiïtrCTIOlTS Given ou Plan of the Royal Coneorvalory of Mnsic at Leipsie, Saxony. Uil l BAflFORD & CO., FKESCO ARTISTS, DEALERS IN Tiac VI&W Fapcrs, ïjcatUer Papers, Liocrusta, Paper Ceiling, Decorations, Store S bad eg, Decoratlve Picture Mouldings and Centre?. Estimates giveo aod designs puhmi'ted for Freecoing ud Paper üecorotions. 255 Jefferson Ave., Detroit. WIIXIAM W. NiCIIOLS, DEITTIST. Nöw Dental Rooms( over Joe T. Jacob's Store. GAS or VITILIZED AIR AdmiDlscerad for the paiuless extraction of teeth. JOSEPH BERRI , The Practical T10R ABiD CIIÏÏER, Of the late firm of WINANS & BERRY, has located hia place üf husiness at NO. 7 HURON STREET, WITH A FULL I-IN'E OF Suitings and Trouserings, And woulü gay to hta old friends and new ones Hut if they want a GOOI) FIT and a NOBBY FIT t REASONABLE PK1CES, cali ou him and they will be flore to get one. DEAN (iODFRËV & CO., Pointers andDecorotors 167 & 160 GrisiTold Street, DETROIT, MICHKUN. Fine Paper Hangings, Elegant Ceiling Decorations, Fine Friezes in all Widths, House Shades and Rollers. A large variety of Room Mouldings and Hook". FRESCO PAINTING! We make a gpecially of STORE SHADES, and we wlll lurniih estímate aud samples of colora oi pplicatlon. SHADES FUted to roll from top or bottom of the wlndow on Swionery or Travellng Kollern. Wlll lurnlsh Opaque Bhading to the trade cut to meaeure. WIA.S & STAFFORD, OiistoniTailors i0. 19 MAIN STRKET. OTJE Winter and Spring1 STOCK I verj elegant and complete. PRICES As reasnnable as consistent with the nlgn grade of workmanslil). CQÍQPrh flisi0 diarni uij Reeommended bv physle!an3! SL WSJ fttWAflilJ "LajocpRE j RuarmañtfaeUlIt-arid sel1 itwith;l positive caso ann60 aï lt wl" euro any wewi" torfeit thoabovcauicunt it Ji' ' ' i J ' " ge n sta nee. Iti,i' Unlika any other Catarrh rcmedy.aa theiiioe1jmírernaly actins upon o sireÜ ??' U you r" troubl.diiirthia EsS? WSSS" VS TÈN7ÏÏÖÏÏSAND Kaudvood Farms in Michigan. U?C0yRt GRAKD RAPIDS & INDIANA wÍÍ.,?.Ug5r 7lapl,c lhc P":'PI ümber. 'owniíncfír Railroa'is Jrcady built, miracrous United c,,1' nc o{ thc heahhiest paris of the fruit rJl ates' Purt water, good markets, fine urjïï;,, ' I. church. large gricul. ure ?, Í "J best building material t low tille 'p v, ,' ow Pnces.casy terms. perfect luformwion ddS;c"apS charts nd a11 additional W. O. HUGHART, "fren Robikts, Travellng Agent.


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