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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Tliis powder never varíes. A marvel of purity, strengtli and wholesomeness, Moreecouomical thau the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in eompetition wlth the multltude ot low test, shoit weiglil, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only in can. Kiiïal Bakuw Powdkk Co., li Wall St., N. Y. ÑEVERFAILSr2 ytíBifeAS mndi for Samariw ;.5r -r-V Aspira - 2 can onc medicine be Ií4f JÍSWSrIIPI lepsy, Dyapepsio, " Alcoholism, Opium Kntintí, Rheumatism, Spermatovrh;r, or Seminal Weakness, and íil't.v other complaintsí" We claim it a specijle, Bimply, because the virus of all diseases arisca from théblood. itsNervine, Resolvent,Alterativeand Laxative propertiesnieetaVltheconditions hereia ref erred to. If g knovrn tcorrf wide as It quieta anl composes tlie patiënt - not hy tbe introductinn of opiates and drastic cathartics, but ) y the restoration of activity to the stoma jh and 1 lerTons systcm, whcreby the bruin is relieved of morhid íancies, whicli are creatud by the causes above reforrPd to. To Clergymen, Lawycrs Uterary men, 11erchants, Bankei-8, Ladies and all thosewhose sedcntary emplovmcnt causea nervous prostration, irregularities'of the blood, stomach, bowels or kidnoys orwho require a neire tonic, appetizeror stimulant, Samaritan Nervise ís invaluable. Thousandsproclaim it the most wonderful invigorant that ever sustained the einldng system. 1.50. Sold by all Drugglst. (l) For testimoniáis and circulare sencl stamp. THE 12, S. A. SICHÜOOT KED. 00., PSOPS'S., as. un, -. sT J03EPH M0. Lord, Stoutenburgh & Co., Agents, Cliicngo, Illinois. TnnnnsnjnntTntiïfntnnrninnKVi r , r ÜOOK OFMA1ÍTTRS" L, I ly V contalns inany tttfutI J ful s;orles oí mom 5b1 I J nlzlug sullurtua. Ö ■ y I V-' lüotmug. ettlierln ttr or picture, can bo inore illsín ssful tUíin St sharp, severe, shootlng palna and nljílrar endured by tliose who aro ninríyra to i lia rtraft terrible torment,. Neuralgia. 'Jo $t rhi ol tM niarlyrdoiu la thu lirst business oí 411 vlio iu(Ifl ATHLOPnOROS reranerfttes puirrfiil nv#, and dk-lvus .■ Vhe borrora ol Mvwalgla. Atulophohos frives liealtli o IíIkjwiumm sfíerers wlwm the ma íSUUÍul pnrsUUM lia ru nut beun able to üuiii. Athlopiioeos operates on the ljlood, miaM, andoli3 ; and dtesoívlng the ncid Iho ñau Rlieinaüsni, removea Uteui trotn tt Bysietu. ATULOTiicmos is pronouncecf bg all who )0u lrt It an OtomBle specliïo ror these jbe(ke : ixl paiaM ateas Read the testimony of one of the sufferers. David Little, Sumner, Benner Co., lowa, writes: " I am past 77 j-ears of ag-e, have bad tbo Rheumatiem threoyoara aud cib'ht ínonths; loot one-thirdof my welght; could not walk, but ehuffled along on crutchee; could not eleep; uervcs shattered, no Btrength Ín n:y banda, wrlBts, kuees or feet. But thanksbetoGod foryonrreatdiscovery! The medicine arriyed Saturday nit'ht. I took a dose 8uuly morning, feit it all over me, aud keit on wüh it. Monday inorntog I (fot up ond drenacd myself, and walkedout intothc kitcben witiiouttbeaidof crntt'h or cañe, and winhcd thcm all a happy New Year. I reet ivcll nighta, am g-aining: in fitrentrth, aud once more enjoy Ufe. Wish I could iut Atiilophoiio in the hands of every sufferer from thls terrible dUease." If you cannot fret Athlopiiorosoí your druffpriflt, we will eend it exjtreBfl paid, on receipt of regnlar price- one dollar per bottle. "We jirefer thatyou buy It from your droáaM, but if he bopn't it. do not be lrBUadcd to try uomethint; else, but order at once from ub as directed. flTHLOPHOROS CO., H2 WLLL ST., NEW YORK. nmmimmtim H. R. nffniiiimii Analysls by Dr. A. Yoelcker. F. R. S., Consulting Chemlst Koyal Agrlcultural Society, Kngland, shows ouly a trace of nltrates Ín Hlackwell's Bull Durham Tobacco. '1 he solí of the (Jolden Kelt of Korth Carolina, In wnich thls tobáceo Is grown, don't Bupply iiltratesto theleaf. That Is the secret of lts dellclous mlldness. Nothlnp so pure and luxurious for smoking. Don't forget the brand. Nonegenulne without the trade-mark of the liull. All dealera have lt. Wh(-n folin conrerts drivijawiiysleep.yoiir 4 M lK)8t8ola(!oi8foimdin j Jri. [■H MUcfucrll'l hul I T ?Itv Kon Smoking Ibbaeco. H SlBMBEÏirCOÜRM


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