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A Pair Of Sunday School Boys Discuss The Situation

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Sunday nioniing, first boy.- I don't see no good of goin' to Sunday school and church. It don't pay to be good, every body suya Conway isn't a good man, bat lots of women run aftcr bim and tbey say the fellow tliat's with hiui swears like everything. Lefs go skating. Second boy- I don't like to do that but we can go down to the new political club; that must be all right, I guess, 'cause it meets Sundays. First boy- Is that another mission school ? _____ The original motto of the Reform Club wasnon-politicaland non-sectarian. Then it was a moral power. Then friends of tempéranos of any political or religious faitli could centribute to its support with souie assurance of aidinji temperance. Now the contributor does not know whether he is helping pay the railway fure and hotel and livery bilis of a star temperance troupe with a Mormon side show, or to start a new political party that he don't believe in; or whether bis contribution will not purchase ammunition to be expended in abusing himself. How mucli does a man want to " vindícate" who asks his audience to pay tor the privilege of hearing him ctear his character ? _________ . A prominent citizen of Flint stands ready to give a bilí of particular coucerning Conway's conduct wlnle in that city. ________ The latast news from Conway is in the Port Huron Times, of AVednesday, which has a two-column article about his relations with a girl thcre whom he promised to marry. It has been coming in so tliick from all quarters that the temperance people who backed him at lirst now are very mum, and say they don't know anything abont Conway.- Courier. Who stated to llie Tort Huron and Flint people that President Angelí, Prof. Cooley, Dr. Stoere nnd ntliors enilorsed Conway !


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