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G-rand Opera House! OSE VH.IIT OXLY. Tuesday, February 12, 1884. THE SU3CESS OF 1883-81 Elabórate Stage Settings ! All the Mechanical Eflfects! JVJagnificent Wardrobe! A DUMOMmiRY! OR THE G-IRL I LOVE. Presentcd by a powerful company, includinjr J. W. BURTON, The grentcst Character Comedian of the day, In hls Creation of Peter Grump, the I.awyer. MISS DA.I8Y KAMSDKN, The best Soubrette, Vocalist nd Danseuse on the American Stage. She challenges any lady dancer in the worlj to compete with her. Fond Fathers, Model Mothers, Beloved Brothers bweet Sisters. Smilinu Sweethearts. Lovine ' Lovers, all go to see The Girl I Love." Admlssion 55, 50 and 35c. Reserved Seats without extra charKe. Forsale at Watts' Jewelry Store. -.T THE POST-OFFICE NEWS. DEPOT. A Full Lino Of VALENTINES Heautifnl, Unlque. and Coinlc. STATIONE :E2Z" A complete sortment of common and Fancy Nol e and Letter Paper. Envelopes, Invitatiou, and Kequest cards. WrWug Paekets, Fine Box Papers suitable tor presenta and til kinds of Statioi - eis' supplies. BLANK BOOKS Pass Books, Memorandum Books, Scratcli Books, Student Note Books, Rerums, Legal and Medical Indexes, Bill Cooks, and all grades of common Note Books. WILLIS BOU&STÜN Froprieior And Agent for all Newspaper, Magazines and periódica!. T) EPORT OF THE COXDITION ■■OF THEFARMERS' b mm Ml AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, At Ue close ofBasluess Jan. 7, 1884. Made in acoordance with the General Banklug Luw of Michlgau. eesouhoks. LoanR tmd lJlseouats„ pinr UB i JverdraftH ' "" 248 OH Pa nltureand Fixture8..Ï..Ï.V.V.V.V.'.'."'" 3 377 IK) E penses # 'jLQ Qo Jliecksau 1 otherCasti Items 1 317 51; Uue from and Kankera 33 307 16 Legal Tender and Hauk Notes . 7 3 6 00 B"i)ds, U. S 'i-j),) on Bonds, Local ' i ?k"o Piemiumon U. S. Bonds '.. 530 25 $167,58 64 LrABtLITIES. Capital pald In $ 50,000 00 íurplus Kund g 31, rorJt and Loss „_.„. 38 li) :ue Deposltors _ 104 4 0 Jividends unpaiü a.500 00 $157 5S8 4 Idosolemnlyswear that the above state nent is true, 10 the best of my knowledire md belief. Wili,iam A.Tolchard. Cashler. Snhscribod and sworn to before me, thls iglith day of Januarv, 1884. Wil. W. Wiiedon-, Notary Pubüo. ETRADE ' MARK ÉTSS C-KSAT SLGOD FURinEA A i Lirar and Kidney Bemedy, EjS II Compounded from the well known Curatives Hops, Malt, Buchu, Manm drake. Dandellon, Sarsaparilla, m w cara Sagrada, etc., combined with au 9 I agreeable Aromatic Elixir. M BTHËYlüÊE BYSPEPSIA & UilüGESTION.A Act apon the LI ver and Kidnejs, BH REGtrLATiÏHÊ" BOWELS, 93 Thcy care, and all HJ nary troub'.es. They invigorate, m nourisli, strengthen and quiet tm a W the Nervous System. W ft Asa Tonio they have no Equal. jBk jjB Take none bat Hopt and Malt Bitters. Jflk S . - FOR SALE BY ALL DEALERS. WÊ É Hops and Malt Bitters Co. H DETROIT, 3IICH. SBi Z BSÏÏSHES, M gars, I ■ oDoa JP CAS33, &. pon! Jf DSKTO1S, W SAWVASSERS WANTED FC Ei The Great Schaff Herzog Encyclopaedia REL3GÏOÜS T KNOWLEDGL By PHILIP SCHAFF, Anslsli'd by over 3U) uf lli ni"S' a'-onmnlfthod 'Bihle scholurs hi Amorf. "i.J TI-'"vork Is to he oomplitefl In Ilirer uiMrroyal oc-iavo volume of nhoiii 9M mireèaoh! Voiumea 1 and II om ready. V lums III wlll be OTniplt-ted In n w months. Tlii 1 Ilic mwl cholarly. lhorriih, fr-h ri-liiille. and '" everv' the tioV.. li.ol.le work of iheklnd no vuÜïhed. V.. Krllaiou Ia.nllV iaii allurd lo '"Vj'líu'f'r'wor' than thls for experionced alcen l" handle. Exclusive tfirlcory glven. Address. HORACE STACY, 177 V 4th "il.. l I.WATI, O. XOTICE. AI.L perons Indetiti-d to the niidcrpiffned are 'reqnested to cali mmcdlati'ly at thu Famona One-Price Clothin? House nnd rttlc theb acronnts. Ard all parties having claims aualii-t me ais requeeted to pr 8eDt them at once for „etrlement. joe T_ JACOBS.


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