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Rev. Father Wilds' EXPERIENCE. Tlio Rv. Z. P. WMd, well-known -H miHsionary in New York, and brotfasrof Mw late eminent, Ju. WilH-, it' ih MiuMchnsettg Supreme Comí, writvaM follón-: "T8 E. TUh St. A'ew Yor!; MaiiK i-2 MrRsits. .7. C. AvEit & c., Gentlemen : Last winter I wa,- troublea witli a most nneotnfortable Helling humor alieoting especialh iny limos, wlii.h itchwl e Intolerably at nicht and burncil so Interasly, that 1 coulil scarcely lar aiiy olothing over tlu-m. I was atoo a nifferer from asevere OHtartil and rntxrrb] cough ; niv appetite wanpoor, ami m y systera a p-xvl deal run down. Kuowing the valiie'of ATKB's SaraapaRII.LA, by obscrvatinu of many oth.r casi-s, :iml from personal us informar yean, I brean takiiig it tor the alKlve-nanu-d dlsorden. llv sp).-tftf lmproved alniost from the tirst !r-'. fu r a phort time tho f'veranl itohliixwirea1layMl -;n-i all sinsof Irrltationof lliesklnrtlMpieiirnd ' My oatarrh an.l congli wen ;i)y rum! l, mime meíuiH, hikí my general bnalth greati hiipruved uiitil it is now fxeellent. I f,-j a liunlred uw cent itroiijfer, and I attrlbnla reoultK to ih.nae of tlie i-ArtJi.i. v. i-hipji I r mnaiid wtüi :il! ctontiilenoe ;i the list bloml i K-h,,evpr deriixHl. I t..k it in nmall thr.- tinic. b il.iy.and all, tontban two boules. I il;t.i' tin--... íit ;ii vour itervlce, hoDfus thelr pobliéiitio,, ,„„, ,.,,.„1. i,s(„..'tfully, Z. I". Wtl.lis." ,'iK. .v.' hiatanee is imi one of th iiimtiv i-on■taotl] nomhig loour notice, whioh prove -ifect adaptaMUty et Ayrb's SabsapaBilla to tbeenre rf all iIIXmb arWng from Impuraofta poverislic.t íi.-m. an.l a ireaknned vlulitr. Ayer's Sarsaparüla cleaiiff. eoiiohea, and Btresgtíieni tii Mood Étlmalatea Uieactioa it tlie HUmiaet an.l boweto, and thereby eiiabl.-s tlic sstin io resin andorercome the attaoksof all Strnfulout THtcatt; l'niptwu.1 of the SLin, Tlhmmatitm, Catarrh, Benerut Debilitp, ttnd al] dlunnien rapoltlng from iuor corruuted blond au.l low state of the yiteui. l'KKI'AK!:! HV Dr. J. C. Ayer &. Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all T)rti(t;ists; price SI, pít bottlos for 5. S CATHARTIC -Best Purgative Medicine - cure onatlpation, liultpcwtion, Headnebe, an.l all Blllouü Uwrden, Soldeverywheru. Alvtay reliuble. THE CANDI FACT0RV! J. "Wm. Hangsterfer Prop. NO. 5 HURON STREET, Opposite Court Houe, and SRANCH S70RE NO. SS STA7S STREET Opposite the University. FRESH CÁNDIES of all KINDS MADE EVERY DAY. Choice Mixed Camly - - 12c lh Dhoioe Broken Fruit Candy - löc ]b Chocolate Cream Urop - 20c lb C;iramels ----- 2öc lb Fine French Candy ... 25c ld .VnU all otlier Candles in proportlonal low priees.


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