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Life's Pathway

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I stood by the hill in tho irioaming-, AfBrírom thc tuisy town. And heard the oíd sea moaninif As he flunp his sprKT round, But I cared not for hix aiiKer, Nor for his stately frown: For mine vu a Ufe of pleasilre, Sof I as tlic thistle's lifíh' down While ribs of tho flnest jold- ni tin brlghteat hue- were spnn And I lauffhed Ín my boyish glue At sorrows tale unsiing, I lonffrrl to jro over tlio hül-top, On to Hip broHd. even sido; ] loiiwd to scale thc loftle1 peale, And lauphod in myboylBD pride That any nf ever should faiter In a pnth so easy to climl), Whilethe windsseemed to waft a welcorae Sweet as the churoh bella' chime. Ihe nioon and the stars seemed to g listen Brlghter than ever bt1 f ore. And i thoutrht I harl but to listen To hear: "Fame is thine evermore:" ] now stand at the hlll-side aweary, In Biirht of the busy town. And the oíd sea is still moanin?, As if to beekon me down. I tiemble at his wrath and fury. And shiver as he dashes his spray, For he whispem: "Time is passinir, Make liaste, lest you lose your wuy. Yet I wander restless and dreary, Forthe hill ishard toelimb; While my feet are worn and weary, And th'e path I oannot tind. The falnt stars Roftly g-limmer, The lights in the villaje are dim; And the oíd sea seems to be broathinif An eveuinjí vesper orhyuin. The chimes are softlv pealinfr. Vet thiv Ho:it on the nigrht air away; vhile o'er me a memory is stcaliiiK Of that far away happy day- I am still at the foot of the hill-side, And gnze at the time-worn sod, While 1 long to flnd the pathway. 'PKot l#uH t.n the hill-ton of God.


Ann Arbor Courier
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