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Hl ( -■ Plat, Tuwn I sn'ilh, Rttmn 7 ■■ Lot 3, J] .ï .80 1.76 I'vttee'x Adiiilion to rptihuUi. 'w71 I toulh, llaniie 7 cos', lol 8, I.OT .:l" . -.:SI ' 7. .17 .]■', .m IS 1. SnOth'ê Eëlnlt, sr, . !. ïbwii u south, Hangt : eatt. Lote 1, 1, , I, 8, and '■'. BO :i.")0 .91 ,M ó III E Vá Of Lot 6, 0 1.55 .12 . 2.87 AnilTOK (F.NKKAI.'S OflICK, I I.ANsiNii. Mini,, JanaarySOi l"-84. f Notice is hereby iven ihat the State of Michigan has fileil in the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw, in hancery, a petitlon ofwhlch the foregolng is a. truecopy; that it claims h decree agalnst each parcel of land therein described for theamountsspeclfled respectively ; tbatsnoh petltion wlll le brought on for a hearing and (U'cree at the next term of sald Court, to be held on the flrstTuesday of March. ISK4, at Ann ArDor, in Raid Courity of Washtenaw; that all persiTns interestPd In ïuoh lands and dpslriim Co conteat tlio lien claiined UMTSOO fir sucli taxes or any part Ibereoi Nliall appcar in said Court and file with the Clevk thcreof thelr objection thereto on or before said llrst TueNday of March. 1SX4, and that in di-fault thereof a decree wlll be t ken as piayed for [ In sald petitlon. Notice is also hereby given that on the nrst Mnnday of May, 1S84, the lauds described in said petttion, and for which an order of sale shall be made, will be sold for the taxes, interest and charges thereon, as determined by said decre e, at the County Treasurer's office in the city oí Aun Arbor, in said County of Washtenaw. Wil. [JAM C. STEVENS. Auditor General. M.S.Smith&Co. THE DETROIT JI1W!I, Publish rielow their n n L N STATE Ij) STKCET. pimr I lili Oj. Ai FORT ST WEST y Oiveïf ss s t Q ? I 1Q 1? !♦ - - 1 I II; 1O I 5 i old LJ L , JEFFERSON AVENUE i in nn WO0ÜBRIOSL $ Í . _ "il u _l Mnp ol' ilic ncw bnslnesa center of tliis , ! city, sliouinü tlie loi-ation of their j i gant live-storj' building, wllicli tliey will ! occupy November Ist, 1S8:. Visitors to Detroit nre cordlally Invited to look througli oui' ncw place, whioli will be found scooinl to no house in tliU country in all ts ippointnients. Undoubtcilly the most perfect blcycle now niatle is the ■Columbiii" - Seimtific American. ■(o fort li upon your wheeled lmrsc, and li-t nature's teaching.'1 THE COLÜMBÏA BTCYCLES. Are raaile as strond and durable as the best and most skilled workmatiship can produce. They are used by Merchants, Clerks, Ministère, Doctors, Lawyer's Collectois, Me88engers, and Carpenters. They fimiish the cheapest and best means of RAPID TRANSIT, give the rider the liealthiest of out-door exercise, and In a word are THE POPULAR STEED OF TO-DAY. "I shall rejoice to see the time come I wlien this exercise shall be as popular among girls and women as tennis and the dance, for tlie more. f ui ly tbc physical lite of our womankind is developed the bctter for man as wel) as woman." - Dr.Rkhanlson of Londonon the Trieide, ; "Xow good digsstion wait on appetitc, and liealth on both." THE CÖLüwTbÏaTrICYCLE Is a new machine for general use by both sexus and all ages. By the addition of tlie Columbia Tricycle, ThbPopb Mf'q, Co. eau claim to furnish wheels for THE WHOLK FAMILY. For Krandfather, Rrandmotlicr, father, mother, youml man, TOQng lady, and even to little Jonnie and Sissic. ' Scnd 'Jk. stamp for 30-page illiistrated Catalogue, with price-list and full infor1 mation. . , THE POPE MAXÜFACTUBING CO., D'J" Washington St. Boston Mass. 1 Or To Chas. W.Wagner Agent. Anu Arhor Mh., 21 S. Main St.


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