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r (CROYAL'pstyíj jí B POWDER Absolutely Pure. This pnwcler never varíes. A marvel'of purity.strengtliancl wholesomeness. Moreeconomical thau the oidiuary küuls, and cannot be sold ín competitiou witli the maltitude of low test, sho't weiglit, alum or phosphate PllVnlcra. BoWonlyln,,,, Ií,,vw R.Vimíj PoVDf;it Co., l(Xi Wall St.. N. Y. (80HQUER0R.) A SPECIFIO FOR iw epilefsy, spasms, -3 convulsas, f&llik& sigkhess, st. vitus d&nge, alghoholism, opium eating, syphillis, sgrofüla, kihgs evil, üglyblood disuses, dyspepsi. nervousness, sick headaghe, rheum&tism, hervous weakness, nervqus psostbatiom, br:h worby, blood sores, biliousness, gostiveness, kidxey troübles and irregularities. OST$1.50 per boUle.O For testimoniáis and circulara send stamp. The Dr. S. A. Richmond Med. Co. , Props. , St. Tcsopi., 2vCo. (11) Correspondence freely auBwered by Physiciuns. Sold by ill Druicgists. Lord, Stoutenburgh & Co., Agents, Chicago, Illinois. It is a fact that remedies almos Trithant ■ninber, already contest the claim to cure all tbe ftte that aíMict suíieriu hmimnity. ThousaikAj hoy found them owerles8 to work a cure íor tbaiL No diseases have so Iniífled all attempts at permaneut relief as haye Rheuinatlsm aud NeuralS'a. AIoiik BUCCtjHKion of ilÍHU[)]M)intiiioirtnHw made eir ajronized victiuin denpair oí' the ioe8tbllítj' of cure. For centuria they haye beeu eouaxiered beyoud the power oí medical bkül to cure. And vet we say both can be eured, and that Athlophoros will do the business. Tho best proof that it cwí. do it id tkut it hu düiit it Rev S. R. Dennen, P.TX, pastor Third SieoS5l4S live. He fook hi ftrstdoe of Athj'oVhoros on Friday Siuiday lie wtMÍB UfPjOW . ílouday he was weU, "lid reniamed so Biuce. Rev. WiUiam Corbit, D.D., pastor npnriíeSt M E Cliurch. Npw Haven. Conu., was laid , r tw mol thP -ith Ilifliiiunialory KliemiiatlBm. MiHÍrii v möS torture. Ath i oi-iiouos üured linii, and he believes it to be mfalhble. H S Chandler. of tlie N. Y. "Inciepen,lent" aj-n ATFLonioiios cvrert Um of Kliramatiéiu f rom which he bad üuffered fr a y tar aud a half. Kev V'. B. Lvans, Washington, O. C, to U) aprraid throuifhout tho luid. Thetrreatquestion is, "Will it eme met We believe it wüL I it worth tryiiii? ? You muít decide. If you cannot (jet Athi.ophorob of your }jl í will send it eirreBB paid. on receipt of retr"lar pricned ollar v Dottle. We lrt%atZííoíl2 THLOPHORÍSCO.. IÖ WALL ST.. NEW YORK. miimimmum II. R. mllllHf f tmnnl "Will the ooniiut? man emoke " was eetUíd by Prof. íiak m his charuiing pañiphlet He Bays, ruoreover, that the ratioil way to uno tobáceo ifl throuïh the nieAÜ axree that ouly the best tobáceo Bhould , be w4 Which U the best 1 Tht to which Nature hascontributed the mort . onlBito flavora. Blackwell's BuU Durham . ámoting Tobacco lilla the bilí conij.lettjly. . Nearly tWo-thirda of aUthe tobáceo Krown ou the Golden f obacco btlt of North Carolina iroea into the uianuf aetory of BlackoÍS at Durham. They buy the iuck of I tho entire eection. Henee ■M i L?''-'{ Blnckwoll's Bull Durhani i Bfifc Smoking Tobacco is the Va !J best of that tobat'co. Dou't ufiij3f(f be deceived when you buy. ■Dv ii,,, Durham Bull tradeMVO L mark i u jjg) f & every enuine Wj Blackwell'OeDuipeBiilimrham '" Bm"vl'I Tobacco. MSCBÍfflYflBCÍBÍffi


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