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Egyptian Relics Made In Connecticut

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A New England correspondent of the Cincinnaü Enquirer has a long description of how the craze for antique arücles is supplied by the cute down-Easter: The greatest trouble that museum owners have to deal with now, said my informant, is the expert counterfeiter. There is a firm in one of our cities that does a regular business in making prehistorie implements, and there is hardly a collection that has not some of the spurious work. Celts are easily copied, as they are regular in shape and generally handsomely polished. But the forLoi io nul alwaja atJle tu ccouro a sfnno that is known to belong to the localitv, so he gives the imitation, and sois found out. A greater part of the images of ntöno fvnol ooaraWL thft.t. trAVplpra iny the Nile and in Egypt are made in Connecticut. This is sub rosa. The same firm manufacture ancient furniture and bric-a-brac, spinning-wheels, etc. I got an insight into the business a few years ago while spending some weeks in a farm-house in New Hampshire. Every week some one vould come along and want to buy np some old andirons, tall clocks, bellows, old china, etc. The old lady always said they could not sell the old family ware, but ended in accept ing the last offer. I saw three clocks, sets of china and a number of andirons go to different partios under protest, wfaicb caused me to wonder how nianv sets of family relies they had, as the day after the sale another cloek would appear in the place of the one sold, and so on. After some time my curiosity got the better of me, and, finding the door of an adjoining shed open one day, I walked in and found it storcd with old-fashioned Furniture enough to fit out a snuill lown. [ learned afterward that the old farmer and his wife were agents for a firm near Boston who manufactured the relies of a hundred years ago by the wholesale. - Mrs. Reuben Walrath, of Fulton Counly, N. Y., has had the curious experience of being Jiterally blown away. Recently, during a sharp wind-storm, she went into the yard to secure some articles on a clothes line. Not returning, the family went in search of her. They were attracted by her groans and found her lodged in the branches of a pine tree a few rods from the house. I She had been literally blown away. One leg was broken, her shouhler was fractured, and slie also sustained some severe bruises, bot it is thought thatshe will recover. - Troy Times. - The new Speaker of the Kentucky Leffislature is but twentv-seven veaw oíd.


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