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Medical Students In Vienna

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i ríe various courses continue to be well attended, and some of the regular University lectures are frequented by Amnriin nt. lpnct; W surJi as can breathe for an hour and a nalfiu an atmosphere as stifling as that of a Pólice Court. The German's hatred of oxygen is astonishing. He seems to drink in carbonic oxide with plant-like avidity, and blooms in the air of a lecture-room where even the fabled Western medical student would quickly droop. But bad air is one of the least of the obstacles with which the fastidious foreigner has to contend in Vienna, for here bad manners flourish to a degree almost incredible. The Vienna medical student is a polyglotic, nondescript being. He may be a Ku.ssian, Hungarian, Germán, barbarían - al most nytEing oxcept a gentleman. This idea, which at first exists only in the form of a suspicion, becomes an assured fiiet to a man aftor he has spent two or three months in daily jostlings with the aforesaid. So discourteous is the unruly student at times, so persistent is he in his determination to place his broad back between any object of interest and the rest of the spectators, that patience ceaaea to be a virtue, and he receives a forcible hint which even he cannot disregard. But, considering the number of nationalities represented here, the students' relations are generally pretty harmonious. FèW American physicians studi al)ioal without spending some time in Vienna. Some stay only two or three months, others, interested in special studies, niav spend as many years, but probably every one remains a little longer than he'had intended. There is 'eomething in the busy atmosphere of the great hospital, the society of one's countrymen and fellow-students, and, above all, in the abundance of opportunities, that is very attractive to the fresh corner, and that it is hard for one to leave behind. In some respecta Vienna will probably never be equaled


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