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The Floods

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Almost yearly in the valley of the Oliio a suelden breaking up of winter and tlie consequent thawing of the snow in the vast water-shed of the river causes a sudden rise. Thls for the past few years has made immense destruction in tlie populous tegions and especially in tiie oities where land has become ao valnable that land-owners have in the dry scason puslied their buildings down nearly to the water's edge. Of course a sudden and liizh rise of the flood inuudatcs thecn, leavin tliein homcless, and at times penniless. Now after taking these jfieat risks they are thrown upon tlie charity of the vr.qrld. First tliey f-hould be helped, then care shonld be taken to avoid a reriiiTenco of fiich a cataniity. However. lastyear were sobmerged far afMi ide abotit Cincinnati, yet no steps were taken to turn aside tlie ungry waters, and tliis year sees a repetition of the trouble. Many of tlie people had too short a timetoget out of their liouses and save tlieir nrnriprtv Tho wifpr wiilfï -i..n age iFnot destroy it, and not a few lost their lives u well. No insnrance could be obtained on property tlms destroyed. 'I'he large portion of the city of Cincinnati whicli is undcr wnter s occnpied by ware-houses and wholesale dealers whose losses are hard to beestiinated. Tlie people of Miciiiifaii have this to be grateful for, that her eities ate so ïituated tliat she is rarely tionbled liy i arages from wind or water.


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