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The eleventh annual meeting of the fnperintendents of tlie poor and uniou association convened last evening at 7 o'clock at the court house, Hon. Williain Chamberlain, of Three Oaks. presiding, and Ilon. James T. Cobb. of Kalamazoo, secretary. Rev. Haskell opened the session by prayei-, after which a selection of music was rendered. Mayor W. I). Hairiman delivered an address of welcomc, whicli was responded lo by President Chamberlain. Following a very interestin ? paper by Rer. C. O. Brown. of Kalamazoo, on "Charitief, the Character and the Glory of the Ajre," the names of deleeates were announced, as per list below. President Cüauaberlain then reported the following committees, after which the meetin? adjourned to 9 o'clock this morninr: Leislation- J. T. Cobb, of Kalamazoo, J. T. Hale, of Eaton, and A. O. Hyde, of Calhoun Resolutions- D. r. Bateman, of St. Joseph, L. Davis, of Washtenaw, and W. L,. Cott'mberiy, of Kent; On time and place of next meeting- J. C. Townsend, J. A. Chapín, and T. C. Bradley; To report on officers- John Davis, of Monroe, h. Calkius, of Lapeer, and L. A. Smith, of Ionia. vii a. eau or couiuies. üeleeates rpsponded as follows: Allegan, S. S. Dryden, Brewster Peaboüy; Berrien, T. C. Bradley, Alben L. Drew; Cass. G. S.Wilbur; Calhoun, A. O. Hyde, O. B. Green; Uaton, D. B. Hall, (J. A. Murrett, and G. T. Rand. Superinterulents, and A. K. Warren, Chairman Board of Supervisors; Hillsdale, Lewis Wales, Joel B. Norria, and J. 1'. Ball, keeper of the poor-honse; Ionia, h. A. Smitli, and R. R Covert, county aorent; Ingham, W. L. Reid, S. E. leirers; Jackson, C. S. Anderson, F. A. Kennedy, II. 8. Smith; Kalamazoo, .T. T. Cobb; Kalkaska.Wm. Richardson; Kent, W. h. CoiHnberry; Lapeer, L. Culkins, C. B. Austin, keeper of county house; Mason, L. Sliackelton ; Macotnb, II. Fries, E. W. Lewis; Montcalm, J. C.Townseud, X. K. Drew ; Monroe, Isaac LewU, John Davis; Midland, J. C. Townsend, R. C. Martin, Nelson K. Dean; Oceana, Caleb Davis; Ottawa, John Wngonner, W. .f. Scott, R. Johnson ; Shiawassee, A. B. ■i.-.j , j. ... oininu , ut. josepu, u. M. Batenian, D. E. Fianders ; Van Buren, W. W. Hodge; Washtenaw, L. Davis, Wm. Aprill, D. B. Greene, J. S. McDowcll. Clinton, Genessee, Iosco, Lenawee, Tuscola, Wayne aod Wexford counties are not represented. Represeutativcs of various State assoeiations are in unce. The conreniion was called to order this morniiig at 9 o'clock, anti prayer was oífered by Rev. Dr. Steele of this city. After the paper by Capt. T. C. Bradley, of Berrien county, on the subject, "Proper Management of County Poor Honses," an liour and a half was spent In hearing reporta from superiutendents of varions oounties called up alphabetically. In the absence of D. R. Waters, his paper on "Some Abuses of Justice in the Lower Courts," was then read by Rt. Rev. Geo. (üllespie. The subject of the paper was iliscussed for half an hoor. Mr. Pond, warden of the State Prison, coming in, was called on by the president. In reponse to invitation, Mr. Drew, inspector oí the Jnckson prison, stattd that the oost of keeping the working prisoners was 9-10 cents per day; In the hospital the cost Is about 10 cents per day. Soinethingof the nature of a college is being carried out at the prigon, one professoïreeeivingasalary of $1,000, the object of which is the mental and moral improvement of the piisoners. Much surprise was exprtssed at the statements of Mr. Waters paper. Closing the exercises of lliis forenoon Judge N. W. Cheever presented a very able paper on the subject. " Poverty caust.'d by MIeness in Youth." The progniin for this afiernoon and evening, and indeed, for the remainder of the sesgion, will well repay a general attendanee of our eitiens.


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