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ülxaa I.pnrl). Jr .after a lew years' residente in ma1 vil lage, lias agai removed to his farm a few miles nortli of hen, where for his healih, he wlll do ont-door worlt. John S. Hathaway, of Iron Mountain. Midi , is spending a few days heieaway, the guest of his father, 1'. llathawjty. When liere last spring Jlr. Hathiiway promied samples of ore. and kopt liis prouiise by bi inging us nuineroaa samples. DEXTEK. At the age of 75 years Mis. C. Harris died Fel'. 1, 1684. Slie had Mved in Dexter 28 years in Micbigan 5Í years, and had been a of the M. K. church 00 years. Her llfe was a quiet christiau one, aiul she leaves very inAiry ('riends. Tue fuueral was condueted the foHowllig Monday by Kev. J. C. Wortley, of Saliiiu. From the Leader. JIis. Gieenlng, mother of Mis. G. Wall, died at the latter's residence, on Tuesday, Feb. 5. Miss Flora Stewart, who resides lo this vil Inge, met witli quite an accident last Friday morning as she was descending the sleep sitlewalk to the Central depot at Ann Aibor, her feet iHpjHng and her weiirht, coming on to her right hand, gprainiDg tha wrist so badly t'liat it was necessaiy to confine it in splints. MANCHESTER. Frora tho Enterprise. Mr. nnd .Mrs. .1. B. Swan, of Tecumseh, have jone to Florida to oraoges from tlieir own trees. Amos Dickereon, of this village, niet with au accident this torenoon by which he lost the little flnger on his left hand. and bad the hand cut consider;;bly. He was Bawlng with a buzz-saw, and that is ahout all we know about it. Dr. Lyncli dressed the hand. Kev. llUíUon, of tlie Morenci M. E. church, and well known in Manchester, has been selectcd as editor of the new paper to be starled in Adrián soon as organ for the new Union part;. Mrs. W. T. Perkins writes to lier friends here tliat while passing tlirougli Texas the train was stoned, and Windows were brok;n in each car. The passengen were badly fHghfened. We hope our friends have ïeached the golden shore in safety. John Bomer, ot' Grand Ledge, was in town this week. He went to Ann Avbor on Tuesday to look after mattere perfaininij to the Gwinner estáte. SAMNK. Krom tlie Observcr. Títere are about fiftecn wheels iu .Saline. " A. A. AVooil has ttiis week made the largeat slteep sale probably recorded in this State this year. Pnrtlier inention of this sale wil] be iven next week. ■{ We learn the erection of an opera hall in this village the coming season is being Ptrongly talked of by oneof ourable capitalista. We hope the talk will erminatc luto a real fact. On Thurgday morninfr last, just after rlsing, feeline usually well, Hiraln Lownsherry, an old pioneer, feil dead, at an advanceü age, at Lis home near Moorevillo. '' n';li' ■■;" '"' T.Í-...1 f !..„r„ II „ the moniing of Januiiry 20tli our enerietio temperance citlzen, Eri L. Brainard received a Blight shock of paralysla in his lolt ui-m, Siiio onri p,r nr Ck.Li.cllor was inimediately called, and applied remedies that soon relieved the patiënt con.-iderablj-, and he, is now progressiiii' as well as could be expected. Richard Aichen, aged 88, an old pioneer and mu!h respected, died Wedneslay, at his residence in Milan, where he has. lived for many years. He was quite weaithy, and had accumulated all his property by hard work. He leaves four ehildren, all ot whom are married. TP8HAHTI. Klom the Ypsilantlan. C. M. Iliirris and wlfe left lnst Friday evenlng for a trip thróagfa the South. Cleveland parties have made an offer for the new hath-hoiise property, inohidniff all the real estáte between the ontside linesof the Arcade Bluck and Philluw property. The ïoung Ladieg' Sewlng Society of tlie Presbyterlan chnrcli, (Soiith Lyon) have on exhibition in Carpen ter & Suyer's store an autograph quilt which is to be presented by thom to Kev. M. Gelston of An n Arbor. The qnilt contains the oaraei of nearly every meniber of the chnreb. J. N. Allynp, a Central brnkeman, had the tliiimb of his right hand badly cruibed while eouplihg cari Monday. From the Commercial. Thnrsdav afternoon a horse belonglng to Miss Lydte Spencer, Sec. of the Parisli Aid Society of St. Lnke's ran away, dol na bnt little (lámalo. Tlic worst feature of the ruüaway was the loss of the book oontalnlng: the records of the society. The limler will please return it to soine menijer of the society. A special meeting of tbeCountyGrange was held with Ypsilanti Grunge, at thcir iall Wednesday. The Grangea were weil represented. Tlic following pffloera were nstalled: 11. I). Hatt, Pittsfield- master; ]'. II. Murray, Salem- oyerseer; Dr. Megan, Augusta- lecturer: E. M. Colc, 8userior- secretary ; I. W. Wlnft Scio- reainrer.


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