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The Imperial Tea store leaves us 31011d:,}-, we understiind. BtudeBt niiiueil Hill was severely bniised Fridny while consting. , A. new dry oods store 9 to be opened out nortó of the court houae, we hear. Oomlyear lias a boy i 11 the store. 'J'ie olcl one lias graduateci, we suppose. Does the large sale of Valentines for touiuirow mían iiny lor yon, is the questioii? The '"ligamcnts" in liia wrist are not so badly "mixed p" llus week, Goodyear thiiiks. Tlie skaters are enjoying the ice. Quite 1 íiumber pass our oflice in returning f rom the river. The planing mili of Lnick Brothers luis shut dowu for a time, while they are inaking iniprovements. Much interest is manifested in the rewal at tlie Methodist church, and quite aclass joiued last Sunday. As we go to press word reaehes us that Xatb.uu II. Pierce, an old resident of this city, is very low and will probably die. The Sheeh::n brothers have dissolved partoenhtp and the business is to be carica tt vy J.vhn. v. Slieehaii. The hearse of undertaker Martin was telephoned for on Monday to be used in Ypsilautl yesteniiiy forenoon. Carril M. Coe, we are pleased to sne, has been appointed :is deputy to the Regiater of Deed?, in Browu Co., Dakota. The trustees of the M. E. church met Monday and elected Dr. Breakey, presiilent; Dr. Rose, secretary and A. L. Xoble, treasurer. The various Masonie bodies are going to meet on uights during the iirst week of tlie moiith nstead of on or before the tull of the moon. Eniil Franklin, the Sliekespearian imrsouator and reader, who " suiprised " his hearers in Judge Cooley's parlors last : ytar, is couiiug again. See that y our driuknig water is all O. K. Typlioid fever in a number of inxUnces lias been occasioned through the use of bad well water. Lew. Goodrich, of Biich 6 AbdV, and Kd. Guiñón, of Mack et Schmid's, are reported as being away, on the look-oöt for a place to open up a stock of dry goods. Geo. V. Cable who has promiseü to give a reading here this raouth lias been taken sick at Mark Twain's and it has put I hift behind in his dates. He will come latei', Ijowever. A very pleasant evening was spent by Bomt thirty-tive or forty Iadie3 and gentleman last Monday at the residence of W. A. Hatch and wife, on the occasion of tlieir iïfteenth wedding anniversary. The dclegatts in attendance upon tlie convention of state charities vlalt the uuiversity in a body to-niorrow afternoon. It Is expected that a commitee of eighteen will visit the county house sometime to-morrow. O. M. Martin showed us a very fine whalebone whlp sent him by an eastern iirra ivith rliom he has extensive dealing. Just above the Iiandle, on a white background, are worked iu black, "O. M. Martin, Ann Arbor, Mich." It is a handsome gift. Here"s another. Put a defenseless hen on a forty days' fast,or something similar, then furnish it all of the grain t will eat, kiH it ana make a guess 011 the number of kernels in the erop. "Ruther a fowl proceediDá-," as Bro. Stairof the Saline ObBerver remarks. John II. Rainsburg, alias Harry Wellmore, was caught Sunday In Detroit 011 a ebiuwe of embezzling $300 In Lockport, N. Y., two yeais ago. He was " Dr." Conway's advance agent and sang at his meëHng last Weduesday evening. " Birds f afcather, etc." Por the montli of January, 18S4, coinpared with the average of corresponding wouths for the six years 1879-1884, tlie kmperature was considerably lower, the absolute hmnidity less, the relatlve huMlty more, the day ozone more, and the 'glit ozonc the sanie. m Compared with the average for the j nionth of January for the preceding six years, neuralgia was more prevalent, and ■uphthcria, rheumatism, typho-malarial fever, bronchitis, sc;irlet fever, consumplln, pneumonía and remittent fever, were less prevaient in January, 1884. Thetemperance addressesof Capt.II. S. H'H, of New York City, in Armorv Hall !lst Su"day afternoon and evening were a(-'nded. Mr. Hill was induced to a.v over Monday night, when he lectured ln Fireraan's Hall. As he will be in the st!te for some time, it is possible that he ay return here later to remata longer. The wood-chuck is supposed to have C01e anti gone Saturday the 2nd inst., be tlie day for his annual debut for PnPM of announcing the weather " Ue next six weeks. Having had a P'end.d opportunlty to see his shadow on ' . Üay "amed. we are to expect. 'tis Wld, a month and a half more of winter' The Imperial, the new dancing club i wtalch are quite a mimber of the oh Orlóle club, give their first hop thlg wee Fiïd:iy ni-rht at Sheehan'a hall. Otecningo Lodjre ot' 1. O. O. F., thi week add seven new cliairs of handsom design 10 their lodge room. of whiih the feel very proud. Four of the chairs ar upholstered in red plush and iliree ii blue plush. They are made out of hekr black walnut, at a cost of bout U(j They were on exhibition n Koch & Hal ler's show windows Monday. The ecture on Hygiëne, by Prof. Wil son, which was to have been given 01 Wednesday evenlng, has been postponec to the same evening next week, at 7 o'clock, in homeopathie college. The subject is treated in a vigorous and entertainino; manner.and deserves to be heard by all who are interested in acquirlng and preserving good health. Free admission. The marriacreable yoang ladies of a western town recently held a convention, and among the resolutious imased was the following: " That we will not rnarry any oue who is not a patrón of his home news. paper, for it is not ouly a strong evidence of want of intelligence, but that he will prove too stingy to provide for his family, edúcate his children, or encourage institutions of learning in his cotnmunity." At the Bicycle club riding-room, in the CoLiiiER buildingr, an infinite amoutit of fun is found every day in watcliing the struggle of the beginners to mount and Llismount, aswell as in seeingtheattempts ït new trickson the part of the older and more expert riders. The other day an mateur found a new way of taking a 'header," when he lundcd on the scat of liis panto. The dull thud shook the Onilding. The old black horse, for thirteen years jr more in the steady service of the Express uompany here, was recently retired ind his place is now supplied by a bay, which some of our readers may have aoticed attached to.the express wagon -ecently. The black knew his woik exictly and could be relied upon. He is :apable of doing not a little work yet. n agent of the company will transter üm to Chicago, where his sale will be ft'ected as soon as possible. His friends vill wisli for him a good location as of )kl. John A. Aorton was taken to tlie jail last Saturday night, between 10 and 11 I o'clock, having become unmanageable throngh au attack of insanity. Ha bas been stopping in this city since October and bas been occujiying himself in studying law. It is a very sad case, for bis present condition seems to be tbe result of over-taxation by study, aggravutod by a lack of ineans pi-operly to supply himself with the neeessaries of life. Mr. Norton is a legal resident of Detroit, as shown by this morning's examinaüon. He bas two sisters in Islipeming. Hit condition is soine betler than when first confined. Tlie infant left on the steps ol a house inDexter.and which was sent to the eounty house soine two or three months since, was taken to the ' Orphan Home" in Toledo on Friday last by Superintendent of the Foor April, and the matron of the eounty house. The little fellow from a weak and scrawny specimen of a baby, under tbe care aud kindness of Mrs. McDowell became at three montlis oíd, a strong and benntiful child. The institution to which he was taken is a home for Children, under the supervisión of the Germán Lutherau church. Children received there remain until 14 years of age, wlien homes are found for them In families. In a young man's life, his arrival at the age constitiiting hlm a cilizen In tlie legal sense of tlie term, with the important functions attaching to such an one, is looked forward to with not a little pleasurable anticipation by every one. This time in the life of Geo. Bliss, son of our townsman, Wallace W. Bliss, came last Friday, his twenty-lirst birthdiy. In honor of the occasion his parents invited quite a party of young people, perhaps twenty couples, to spend the evening at ttieir residence on William street, and Geo. having been dufy apprised of the prtparatlons for liis entertainment, catne over from Jackson, where he is in the employ of the M. C. R. R. The yonnsr people in attendance were attired in faney dress. which added much to the evening's enjoyment. In the course of the evening George's father in a neat speech made him a present of a handsome gold watcb, which he said liad been awaiting this time for some j'ears. The refresbments of the evening were partaken as only a most tempting supply of good things is, and all left for their homes after a delightful evening. By none will it he recalled with more pleasure than by the guest of the eveninir.


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