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THISSPACE HESER) il) rolt KI II!. " A CLUÍJ foAD fACEZ The above deplcU a very pleasant featnre of bicyeliïig as a sport. The club have rldden from their headquarters in the city, to a uburban vil Jage some twenty miles away, where they nwalt the arrival of the racing membera who we re to start juat thirtj minutes later. Five minutes more and the two foremoBt of the racinjf raen- Fri, on his " Harvard," and Yonsou on liin" V;ilr," appear in sight. The pace Ib tremendous : the men are neck and neck, and Xodgest the captain of the club, whom you observo ia k-aning on bis " Shadow "light roadtter, in the foreground, declare the race a tic ' Where are the other men ? " he asks. 'Oh, behind, somewhere," is the reply. "Are there any 'Harvard'1 or 'Yales'er 'Shadow'i ' amung tbeui? " M Not one." " Ah ! that accounts for H," naya the captain. American bicyclera as a body will reafize the foree of the eaptain's last rcmark, but the thouHands of new riders whichthe coming y ear will produce, should each ow of them real i ze that the onJy true wionoray io choosing a bicycle ia to hu content with nothing lem than the Tery bent that money will procure. Each should tlnd out all lie can about bicycles before making nis cholee, and In order to asslst enquirer in thelr Hearch for information, we will,'on receipt of a a three-cent stamp, send to any addreas, a copy of our large ülustrated catalogue by return muil. THE CUNNINGHAM COMPANY, The Pioneer Bioycle House of America. [Establinhed 1877.] Importlng Mnnufuctur' of Blcycles & Tricjeta% Oou Fsuwb' Hall, Bqhton, Maiw. CHARLES W. WAGNER, Agent, 21 South Main St., Ann Arbor, Micli. Jf THISPAPIR "' J jBRAINSf Zftt lERaBTBItl f GOOO II ' or u nd u other H GOOD I [ftnllULboJ toorid can be m&d yiofforVrtna V , .ble ttrmj at the i INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAMR AOENCY II . I '. II u bbsrd, Prop., wUTn,ct.,ir.8.A. ribllihrr f Ik K.wipwr u Btmk Dlr.aorj .f tb. World. THE DINGEE & CONAKD COS BKAUTIFl'l. ETBE-BLOOMINC ROSES tfhr2. 19fr$3. f livereduaielybymail 78 i 10". 100 " I3.i - "toJlMlnta WE CIVE AWAYffi? more Boae than most ertablMimcnt grow, and ar the onlr oonct-m mskiiiK a sl'KCI A Ii Bnsiness of Koeea. Stxty larii e Houhpb for Rosen alone. Our New íiuitii-, u compUlt r.mii.pppp tn Ihe Rtëc.VS ip,elfjantly iUutrattd,êent rilbB THE DINCEE & CONARD CO. EoveÜrower. W tl. rov-,l hciir( o.I'a MICHIGAN FARMS FOK n M.l AND EXCHANGE. New Descriptivo Price List Sent free to any address. GEO. WTSNOVER, Real Estáte and Loan Agent, 103 Griswold St., Detroit, Mich. 1181-82 That Hnsband of Mine [s ttaree times the man he was before he began usinR " Wells' Healtli Renewer." 1. Druggists. Many a womaii who doos not know even the multipllciition table can "figure" in society. "Buchupaiba." Quick, complete, cures all annoying Kidney, Bladder and Uiinary Diseases. il. DruygisL A deal table - A card table. Everybody Knows It. When you have the Itch, Salt Kheum, Galls, or Skin Eruption of any kind, and the Piles, that you know without being told of it. Eberbacti & Son, tbe Drugftists, will sell you Dr. Bosanko's Pile Kemedy for 50 cents, which affords immediate relief, and is a sure cure for either of the above diseases.


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