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√ľur report last week of the eleventh animal meeting of the supeiintendents of the poor included the business of the sessiou ap to Wednesday noon. In the afternoon the lirst paper was read by Miss Grace M. Biadley, niatron of the Kalamazoo ehildrens' home, consideriiw the subject of charitable reform. She was foliowed by interesting reports from Mr. W. G. Dpwinc of the sarne institution, and from Mis. S. L. Fuller of the Grand Hapids uuion benevolent association. At the close of the address of John X. Foster, superintendent of the State Public School, on the subject, "Is the Question ' How ehall the Dependent Childien be Cared lor ' being Properly Solved in Michigan? " Gov. Begole was called upon, and addressed the convention briefly. Following a few remarks by Judge Cooley, D. B. Greene, of this county, read the closing paper of the afternoon on the subject, "The Law of Settlement and Remedies for its hfringement." The evening ses-sion was occupied by the addresses of Prof. T. P. Wilson and President Angel√≠ 00 'Hereditary Pauperism,"and"IIarmonious Relations Between Employers and Workmen, as a Preventive of Pauperism and (Jrime,'' respectively. At the Thursday morning session, opened by prayer by Rev. W. II. Ryder, the treasurer, Mr. Isaac Lewis, rcportcd a balance on hand of $29.41, the aniount paid out during the year being f(!3.50. A resolution iutroduccd by Mr. Greene, asking the legislature to enact a law giving the Superinteudents of the Poor the power of removing children of vicious parents to the State Public School was unanimously adopted. The next meeting will be held in Laning on the fourth Tuesday of Jauuary, 1884. Officers as follows were elected for the coming year: President, U.B. Greene, of Wadhtenaw; vice-president, A.O. Hyde, of Calhoun; secretary, S. F. Dryden, of Allegan; treasurer, Isaac Lewis, of Monroe. The rlosinjf paper of the lidii was prcaentcd by Hev. E. B. Popo, of this city. His subject was, "liight Minxling of Head and Hemt in the Cara of the Poor." In tlie afternooi) Ibedelegatesln a body puid a visit to the State l'uiversity, and many who had never vUited it before oxpregsed consiile'iible surprise at the naaj{ultude of our institutinn. Th) ittendance at this the eleventh meeting o( the association was the laigest for sonic years, aud so inueh pleasure was found by the deleates in their reception and entertainment by our eitizens that the hope was Bxpraned that Ann Arbor might be chosen as the place of meeting in two years trom this time. It need hardly be said that we suould be slad to weieome the eonvention a'ain at that time or as otlieiwisc may be determined upon.


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