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Auustiii Daly 's play " 7-20-8 " will be presented at the Vpsilanti Opera House, Saturday night. It 3 an unusually stiong conipany and plaj'. It was feared that Trof. M. C. Tylei would be unable to come west after his January date liad to begiven to Matthew Arnold tiy the Students' Lecture Aiaociatiou. Our citizens will be pleased to learn, however, that Trof. Tyler will lecture in University Hall, Friday eveuing of tliia week, on "Our Early Colleges, thelr Fonnders.their Students, theif Work and theif Play.'' The price of admission has been placed at iifty cents, and we shall be surprised to lind that there is not a lárge niiiiiber of citizens supplemeiiting the anticipated large attendauce of' the students by way of greeting of a formei professor and resident of our city. Reserved seats on sale to-ilay at Osius's and Mooie'. bookstore. On Monduy night Ann Arbor thentre goers will have au opportunity lo hear Roland Reed in " Cheek," aconiedy very entliusiuslically spoken of. A New Orleans paper has the followlng : Mr. Holand Reed inet whh a hearty reception at the Acadeiny last uigiit, in his new play, "Clieek." Loug before the doors openec the crowd extended across the sidewulk into the street. When the time arrivec tlie rush was jjreat and Trewurer Mauberret had his hands fnll. The house was soon packed froin the ultennost corner of the gallery to the rearmost seat of the parquette. When Mr. Reed made his lirst appearance in the lirst act. a spoulaneous cheer went up that mode the house víbrate. It was a tribute to that gentleman ot which he OUght to he protld At the Grand, on Saturday eveuing next. we are to have presented The Creole. Artiele 47. We have jusi read a synopsis of the play and eau proinise trom that au unusually interesting play. Jlere are a few press opinions : "One of the strongest dramas known to the btage.'' - N. Y. Herald. "The "Creóle' was received with a perfect ovation." - N. Y. Dramatic News. "The entire company, without a sinfjle exception, rendered a most praiseworthy ])erformance.'' - Chicago Inter-Ocean. " Mr. Clayburzfa pre_ seuted 'The Creóle' to a packed house, and the company in ts entirety was the best tht iius evr visited our city." - ('inciunati Inqulrer. , The Creóle' is a drama that ahvays appeals to large audiences, and was Ueartily received, given as


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