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'Filis ooiinty gets 177 copies of Howell's Annotated Statutes, as per apportionment. Are you entitleil to a set í The Ypsilautian has issued a boom paper for the town and proposes to follow the initial number witli olhers eacli nionth. The mineral water is what it points at wiih pride. The success of Every Saturduj ought now to be assured since Mr. W. II. Brearley owns it and Mr. Henry A. Ford, a journalist of ripe experience, is the managing editor. Detroit is a good üeld for a society journal which has a high tone and enterprise. Peter B. lngalls, one of the oldest residents of Aun Albor, had a stroke of appoplexy early this morning. Though still living at the latest report this afternooii, he is very low and his recovery is doubtful. Drs. Dunster and Hartley were summoued. Mi. Ingalla suftered a slight attack of appoplexy about a year since, but nothing so serious as this second attack. l'ostniaster Knowlton this morning placed at the corner of Main and Washington streels and at the junction ot North University Ave. and State Street, street letter boxes froin whlch mail will be collected by official carriers at 7 a. m. und 3:30 i m. daily, and at 5 r. M. on Suudays. These boxes are for public conveniencc and are established in view of the uncertainty and irregularity with which, mail matter, carried by private partías reacties the postofflce. It was our fartuiv o..,;.g -u i4u.iithe celebrated English actor Henry lrving. in Louis XI, at Detroit. lie is regarded as the greatest exponent of ShakespPHi-e on the other sido, and this is lÜS first trip to this country. At first one is distracted by his prominent mannerisins, such as a stagey walk, intonation and gesture, but this is soon forgotteu and the attention g centred on him as the king, not as living. Versatiüty and strength characterie him, yet he is tall, awkward and without features. The audience was very enthusiastic and gave several recalls, but we have seen reatar enthusiasm with Barrett who we may be pardoned for liking still better than Irviii. The Union hook and ladder company, whose organizatioü was completed last evening, is starting out with sixteeu men. The company will be limited to twenty members. The following offlcers have been cliosen : Captain, John II. Sweet; flrst assistant, C. Linderbeck ; second assistant, James Snow; secretary, John W. Conners; treasurer, Burt Taylor; steward, R. F. Dillon; lirst tiller, Geo. Isbell ; assistant tiller, Chas. Kanenberg. Othcr mcmbcrs of the eompany, as now oiifaiized, are, S. A. D. Bycraft, David Baum;artiier, F. L. Davis, A. Imus, Adolph Kern, John Miller, H. McClaren, and Geo. Ottley. The boys will be out for practice as soon as the weather permito, and will endeavor to make themselves adepts at an early date. The ücliauce company will probably disband as soon is they effect a disposition of the propci ty belonging to the organization.