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Hant oí i .ni ii. If Eberbach & Son, tlie Drugjiist does not succeed it is notfor the want of' taitli. He lias sucli falth In Dr. Boêanko's Cough :iih] Luiig Syrup as a reincdy for Cougfi'g Colds, Consutnptlon, and LuiigiifTections, thiit lie will give away a bottle fice to each and every one who á in ueed of a medicine of tliat kind. WE DO NOT CLAIM that IIooD's Sabsai-akilla will cure everytliing, but the íact tliat on tlie purity and vitality oí tlic blood depend the vigor and health of thc whole system. and that diseaso ofvarious kinds tsoftenonly the sign that nature is trylng to remove the disturbios cause, we are naturally led to tlie conoiusion thataremedy that grVes Ufe and vigor to tlie blood, eradicates scrofula and other impurities Irom it, as Hood's Sarsai' undoubtedly does, must be the meaos oíprevcnting many diseases that would occur without its use; henee thc Reíd of its íwsefulness is quite an extended one. and we are warranted In recommendtng it for all deransemcntsof tlie System whieh are causea by aii uunatuial state of the blood. Why Suffer with Salt-Rheum ? Messrs. C. I. Hoon & Co., Lowell, Mass. Gentlemen- I as a great Miffercr from Ralt-ltheuni on my linibs, lor a dozen years nrevlous to the sumnier of iktg. at wlncli time I was cured by Hood's Sarsapanlla. The skin would become dry. chap, crack open. bleed and Itch intensely. so that I conld not help serateliing. whfch of conreo made them worse At the time I cominenced taking Hood's sarsaparilla (in the sumnier of ICT) they werc so bad that they diseharged. and I was nhligcd to keep them bandaged with linen cloths. The skin was ilrawn so tight. by tlie heat of the disease lliat if I gtooped over they would crack open ;ind artnally bring tear luiu mj ct. i he tirst bottle benelited me so mucü that I continuedtaking It till I was cured I ued one box of Hood's Olive Ointment, to relieve tlie Itchine. Hopinií many others may learn the valué of Hood's Sarsaparilla aud rcceive as inucli beueíitas I have, I am, Vcry truly yours, SlfíS. S. 8. MOODY. Ko. 75 broadvvay. Lowell, Mass., Jan. 15, 1S78. Hood's Sarsapanlla Is sold by druggists. Price 1, or six for $5. I'repareii by C. I. HOOD & Co., Lowell, Mass. Wlien asked wliat she liad for dhiner, she replied "cokl tongue." And lie judjred by hur maniier tliat there would be sonie íef't for Slipper. - Chicago Sun. Ayer's Sarsaparillii is tlie best mediciné for cvcry om in th(; spH"g ITmlgwaiito and travelera will find In it an ertectual cure for tlie eruptlon, boils, pimples, eczema, etc., tliat break out on the skin - tiie effect of disorder in the blood, caused by sea-diet and life on board ship. Many a young fop Imagines that a girl takes an interest in lus welfare, wlien in t rut Ii she Is only eager for liis farewell. - Cliiuitgo Tribune, It is a good rule to accept only snch remedies as have, after long years of trial proved wortliy of confldence. Tliis i a case where other people"s experience may be of rreat service, and it has been the experience of thousauds tliat Ayer's Petroleum is the best medicine ever used. A man lately married was asked at the club about his bride: "Is she pretty'r'' 'No,'' replied he, "slie is not but slie will be when her father dies!" - Ex. Humor in the Stomacli. Mucu of the distress and sickness attributed to dyspepsia, cbronic diarrlB;i and other causes is occasioned by humor In the stoniaeh. Scveral cases with all the cbaracteristics of these complaints have been cnreü by Hood's Sarsaprilla. Other cures eftecteil by tliis medicine are so wonderful that the simplest statement of tliem affords the best prooi that it combines rare Curativa aents and vvlien once used secures the confidence of the people. The happy father of twins recently sent the following message to a brother in the west: "Immense joy- we got two twins to-day - more hercafter." - Ex. Hard to Believc. It is hard to believe that a man cnied of Kidney disease after the body was ■wollen as big as a barrel and he had been íiiven up as incurable and lay at death's door. Vetsucli a cure was accomplighed by Wort in the person of AI. M. Deveraux of Ionia, Mich., who says: "After thirtecen of the best doctors in Detroit had given me up, I was cured by Wort. I want every one to know wbat a boon it is. "I bes a thousand pardon 8 for coming ai Uu;." 'Jl_y dcar sir," replied tlie lady gracetully, no parnons are m-,w. v',, can oever come too late. "Overeóme by gas' is the headline on a daily paper. We knew these treniendons pa bilis would kill somebody sooner or later. - Boston Commercial liulltiiii. Thirteen Years' Dyspepsia. "I sulTered with dyspepsia for 13 years." writes .lohn Albright Esq., of Oolumbus, Ohio. "Samaritan Nervine cured me." As it always cures sucli disorders. At druggists. Extract from a letter from Angélica: "Dear Henry, jrou ask if I return your love. Yes, Ileury, I have no use lor it and return it with tnany thanks. I5y-by, Henry."- New York Graphic.


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