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Mortgage Sale. WIIKÜKAS, Francia Koney, and Malvina Koiu-y, of Anu Arbor, iu the County ol VV aehtcnavv, and State of Michigan, on the twrntythird day of November, A. D., 1882, executcd ! a mortage to Caiherine Kyan of tbe came p]ace,tu ' secure the p;iyment of certatn principal and ínter est money thein mentioned, which mortne was i recorded in tiie oüice ot the Kefiister ol JUeed for I the County of Wafbtenaw afuresaid, in Líber H ol , montages, on paie 75, on the day last aiorctaid. j And whti'eas, delault bas bt-en made lor more than twenty days in the pftjment ot' an installment of interest which becime due on the tweuty-ihird day of November, 1888, by reason wbereol, and purj euant to the uring of eaid mortage, the p'imïpal Biim narned in said morCfcacet of two hundred and j fil'ty dollar?, witb all arrearae of Interest thereon, at the option of theubove nanied raoi'tgagee, becanie due and payuble imuiediately thereafter, aud the power oí sale cuntained in said mortgage, becaine operative. And the said mrtffatree does hereby declare it her option, and does bereby elect to have the princ pal gum nained in eaid mortgage and all interest tütrein become uow due and payable. And whereaa there isnowclaimeütobe due andpayable a tiforesaid, upon the said mortgage and ttie note accompanying the same, at the date ol thts notlce, the enmol two hur.dred and sixtv-nine dollars and twenty cente, (2ii9,'2Ü), in additiön to all the other legal costa provtded for in sad mortgaife. And no euit or proceodini; havlu been icstitiued at law or in equity to recover the atoreeaid suin, or any part thereof, uotice ie tuerufore hereby fiivi;n, that sald mortgage will be iorecloseö on the twecty-ninth day ol March, 18H4,at ten o'clock in the lorenoon oi' that diy, by a sale at public auciion, to the highest bidder, at the east door of the Court House iü tbe city of Anu Arbor, in the county aioresaid, (said Court BttM bving the place of j tiolding the Circuit Court for eaid cotinty) of the mortgayed premises, deBCribed in said mortgage, or so inuch thereof, as inay be necessary to saiiely I the amouut of principal and interest reinainiug un! paid upon aaid niortgage, with the coste of lorei clusare aforeoaid, which said prumises are described in eaid mortjrege as follow; All that cer' tain pieofl or parcel of land, sitúate and boiug in the city of Ann Arbor, In the Couury of Washtenaw and State of Micüigan and describud ats lullows, to wit : All that certain piece or purcel of ïand, sitnated in Brown and Fuller's addition to the said city ol ■ Ann Arbor, according to the recorded plat thtreul, ktiown, bounded and deecribed ae follows : Comnivnclng on the easterly side of Wall street, one huudred leet ironi Broadway, thence north eacterly nt right angk-s to Wall street, tbirty-iour and oiie-hall1 leet, thence eaatt:rly parallel wilIi Wall atreet twenty-eix reet, theuce at right anales with Wall street to Wall street, Theiice nonh-wosterly on Wall etreet twenty-six feet to the placn ol : bcKiiinine. CATBAKINU KYAN', Mortgayee. I K. D. KINNE.Attorncy for Mortga'ee. Dated, Dec. 28, lSivt. 1176-88 i - - . - _ Real Estáte lor Sale. ■ .TATJÍ Üí MICH10AN, County of Washtenaw, In the Matter of the Estáte of Joseph Schnabel decoased. I Nolica ie hereby given, that In pureunrCM of an : order grauted to the undeiNigned adrai[litrtor oi of the estáte of naid deceascd. hj the Hou. Jndge of Probnte Tor the Connty ol V ishti-naw, on the 12th dayol'Jaauary, A. D. 1S81. thire will he uold at public venduo, ti the higut!"tlidrier at the late reuldence of said decaand to thè Township of Saline, in the Couat) of Washtenaw In paid State ofMirhigiin.onWednesday the flfth day of Maren A. D. 184. at tju o'clock in Ilie Ibrcuuun of that day (suiiject to a!l encninlirunM by niort„'age or othenvise existinsr at the lim ■ of the dcath of said doceased), the Ibllowtae described real estáte, to-wlt ■ The north-eust ([uarter of the nouth-enst nunrtor of eectionnumber thirty-six, in tuwn iour soiuh. range four east, (Bridfjewater) iu Michigan, ontninin' lorty acres of the same inore or leu Al6o,,stri) of land of uniform idth to be laken liiora the fouth end of the ouUl-east uuartur ui ihe north-east quarter of the Kiiid section thirty-si in town fonr sonth, ranije four east u Michiiian, contamine- flve acres andthrec l'ourllis ufan acre (S3 ) of land, and lies nortü of and adjjintni; the pnrcel oriand ubuvo described. Also the west half of ihe eoutn-wesl quarter of sixtion nainher tliirty-ono (dl), and thesouth-west qnarler of the norlh-weet qnarter ol said sectlou number thi-iyone (:il) exceptini; tlilriy aerea frimi the north end Ihéraof heretotore eold and deeded to John Sutton leaving ol the wo last meiuioued pareéis 84 and 60 l(h) aerts of land, be ihe urne mor or less, and hein" In township number tour soutu, range mtmber live eaxt (Saline) in Michigan. PAUL BCHNABBL, _ , . . dminiftrutor. Dated, January 13, 1SS4. 1178 64 Notico to Credltors. OI-ATK OF MICHIGAN.Uounty of k7 Notlce is hereby ïiveu, that by an order of the Probate Court lor the County of Washtenaw, made on the twen ty-fourth day ol Jsnuary, A. i). i,s8l. six months trom that date ere allowed lor crediiors to present their claims auainst the esiate of .Sarah Ann McCullum, lateof said couut.v,dt:ceacd, and thut uil creditoi-8 of gald deceawed are required tonreeent their claims to said Probate Court, at Ihe Probate the city of Ann Arbor.for examlnatlon ant1 llowance. on or befare tbe twenty lounh dv ol Jnlynext, and that sui'h chilniBwill be heardbeioie aid court, oh Thursday, the twuuty fourth day ol April, nnd ou Thursday, tbe twenty-fouith dav ol July next, al ten o'clock iu the foieuoon ut eacb of said days. Dated, Aun Arbor, .Tannary2l A D 1H8I W1LL1AM U. HAKKIMAN, 11S0-Ï1CT Jud-eol I'rolmto. Skiuuy 3Ien. "Wells' Health Renewer" restores health aud vigor, cures Dytpepsla. Impotence. Sexual Deblllty. fi.


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