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I. O. Walker, '83, 9 n Milito, D. T. '86's Oracle will be published at tilia ofBce. Pin Delta Plil Imsit' annunl banqueton the 29th inst. A. E. Kastl retunied Monday, to resume work in college. Will W. Hannan, lit. '80, íaw '83, mores Into Detroit in the spring. Tlie Sludents' Christlan Association have an important business meeting toniglit. A. S. Vaa Valkenburg, "84, now in the South for his healtli, is expected back in March. Dwight Goss, formerly of '84, has returned to resume college work.expecting to gradúate with '85. W. M Lasley, who has been dangerotisly ill at the Chi Psi house for severnl weeks, is reported much better. Don'task a lit what he thinks of the late examin.itions, especially if it is a senior lit who has taken Logic. Dr. Taft, of the dental department, left for Cincinnati on Thursday, to look after his house, which has been about ten feet under water. And now we hear that Will Galpin's heir weighs not only fourteen pounds, but 14 pounds and 14 ounccs! Will is a member of '82, you recall. Prof. Hovvison, who has occupied Dr. C'ocker's place this last semester, lett Monday to accept the cliair of philosophy in the University of California. Professor Denison's new models, purcliased on his recent eastern trip, have arrived and are placed in the drawiugroom. They are tne fiuest the University has. Prof. Hempel, of La Porte, Ind., addresses the Philological Association toinorrow evening at 8 o'clock. The election of offlcers for the secoiid semester takes place thereaftor. V. Foote, '34, wlio has been undergoing surgical treatment in New York for sume time, returned to Ann Arbor Saturday, and will gradúate with bis class the coming semester, healtli permlttinif. The offloers of the Adelphi Literary society for the second semester are President, A. B. Storms, Vice President, E. L. Moseley, secretary .1. B. Sheehan, treasurer, F. P. Blackman, librarían, D. Goss. Col. John Atkinson, of Detroit, lect ures in University Hall on the 22d, at 2-30 p M., under the auspices of the law Btudeota, To everybody is extended an earnest invitation to be present. prof. M. C. Tyler lectures in University Hall on Friday evening. There will no doubt be a very large attendance by way of greeting the return of a tonner and very popular professor of the Urnv g rsï tv. J. W. Payne, '83. returned Thursday nidit from 'engineering work on the Mis8sippi below St. Louis as far south as Memphls. Should he not be callecl to Vicksburg in a few days, he will take up work in college. Prof. Payne recently attended the national meeting of school guperintendents , n AVasliingtou. He s reported as favorj ing the distribution of money throughout the States for educational purposes by congressional appropriation. At a meeting of the senior class in the literary departmeut Saturday evening the bid of Curtis & Sinith, of Syracuse N. Y. on class pictures was accepted. The bid was $3.50 per dozen for cabinets, with 10% oft' on all over tour dozen. C. E. Boyce finished work siifïioient for graduation last semester and left for Port Huron Monday. M. B. Trainor liaving also completed his work leaves for Indiana to-morrow. The boys will be on hand in June for their dip. The recent mlcroacopical soiree given in Hoorn A, Main Hall, under the direction of Prof. and Mrs. Stowell, was an entire success, quite a large nuniber being in attendance to enjoy the exhibition. These entertainraents - for such we niay properly cali thera- were begun in 1881, ou; being giren each year. The success of the third, this yeitr. would urge their continuance. Professor Deinmon has nrrnnged to give a course in American Literatura through the coming semester. Seven authors will be treated. The sectiou met Monday for determlnlng tlie subjects and the hour. The seniors are to be congratulated on the readiness with wbich the professor has complied vvitli their request for such a course even ut i declded increase in the amount of his work. W. P. Word, '84, left Wednesday evening last to join his father at Butte, Montana. Mr. Word 's eyes have beenso tbat he could do but little college work during the last semester, and it was thouglit adviaable to reiuain out for a time, lie will probably return next year. Meantime Will's father has plenty of business for him, and indeed this is the renfeon of his somewhat hasty departure


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