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BACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. New Spring Hosieiy now on exhibition at Bacli & Abel's. We place on sale this weck the finest line of new black goods ever shown in Ann Arbor, consistingof Drap D'Alma"s, Armures, Cashmeies, Tricots, Oltoinans, llenriettas, Barytheas, and Satins. We would like the privilege of showing them. Bach & Abel. New Laces, New RuchlngS, New Neckwear, New Collars and New Buttons, now on sale at Bueh & Abel's. Tlie best 30 and TöcCoraet in tbc world, now on sale at Bach & Abel's. We will ielluntil sold outoiiioverslriip Horse Blanket, 70c; our two trap Horse Blanket, 75c ; our handsome ligbt Blanki)t at $1.00, very eheap ; 50 dozen towels go on sale this week at 25c eacli, the best vnhie for the money ever shown. Look it llicni. Bach & Abel. We will givc you this week the best Black Jersey you ever have seen, at the low price of $2.00, all wool. Come and try thern on if you don't want to buy. Bach & Abel. 'NMinioo siaav v Hova ' A CLup IoAD lCE .2_ The above deptcts a very pleasant feature of biycling as a sport. The club have ridden from their headquartera in the city, to a auburban village sotne twenty miles away, where they await the arrival of the racing meinbers who were to fltartjust thfrty minutes later. Five minutes more and the two foremost of the racing men - Fri, on hls " Harvard," and Yonson on his " Y ale," appear in ight. The pace is tremendous : the men are neck and neck, and lodges, the captain of the club, whom you observe h leaning on hls "Shadow "light roadater, in the foreground, declares the race a tie. ' Where are the other men? " he asks. "Oh, behind, somewhere," is the reply. "Are there any 'ilarvard'u1 or 'ale'i'or Shadow's ' among themi " 'Not one." " Ah ! that accounts for it," sayfl the captain. American bicyclers as a body will reafize the farce of the captaln's Innt remark, but the thoutiands of new riders which the coming year will produce, should cach otï of them realize that the only truc tTonomy in choosing a blcycle Ís to be content with nothing les than the very beat tlmt money will procure. Eich should flnd out all he can about bicycles before making his choice, and in order to aïsist enquirers in their search for information, we will, on receipt of a a three-cent stamp, send to any address, a copy of our largc iilustrated catalogue by returnniaiL THE CUNNINGHAM COMPANY, The Pioneer Bicycle House of America. " [Establl8hcdl877.] Importing Manufactur's of Blcycles Sc Tricjcls OlD Fkllows' Hall, Boston, Masc. CHARLES W. WAGNER, Agent, 21 South Main St., Ann Arbor, Micli. I-JW THIS PAPER - IDDAIKJOT is on FILE and ■PfflSlSTÖfl! QQP 11 for It and &U other H GOOD I Tln. r.D newapapers in the MunAKPADtTïd TICLES orWoaa be mad ■NcffürAfttq ====JH on the most favor - -■ _1___JI able terma at the ML-- ■ ■ J INTERNATIONAL NEW8PAPER ACENCY H. P. Ilubbard. Prop., Jfew nares, Ct., 17.. A. Fuljllihrr f th Smiu and Bak DlretT "I tt World. THE DINGEE & CONAKD CO'S BUAVTiruij BVPIt-BJLQOMINU 5ÏSryrS$l 1 Lmfe 1 2 for Í 2. 1 3 for S3. i fiïiied saiely liy mail 26 " 4. 35 5. poet-uaidtoalipomta 75 " 10. 100 " 13. J r_L WE CIVE A WAYSiSSSSïS of KoBea. Hix.ty l.arKCllouBmforKoBCsaloiie. Our New liimli'. ' '"""CBPF onlhe Jiote,10rv,i''jaiillij iluetrald,t,nl rnkB THE DINCfE & CONARD CO. KoBeÚrowcr, WetUrove,C'heierCo.P That Husband of Mine Is tliree times tbe man he was before he besan using " VVellá' Iltalth Renewer." $1. Druggists. The oy?ter ncver makes any trouble in the vorkl, and yet lie is ahvays geltinj; into a stew. "Biifliupaiba." Quick, complete, cures all annoying Ivklney. Bladder and Urinary Ulseases. $1. Druirgist Latest thlng in boots - Holes. Everjrbody Kikmvs It. Wlien you have the Itcli, Salt Hhemn, Galls, or kin Eiuption of aoy kind, and the Piles, that you know without being told of it. Ebèrbach & Sod, the Drnggists, will sell you Dr. Boíiinko's Pile Kennedy for 50 cents, which aftords immediate relief, and is a suie cure lor either of the above diea9es. IQnaniity and Qualitf. In the Diamond Dyes, inore colorín;; is given tlian in any known dycs, aud they give fasler and inore brilliant colors. 10c. at all druggists. Wells, Kichardson & Co., liurlington, Vt. Sample Card, 32 colors, and book of direetious for 2c. stamp.


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