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SCROFULA and all scrofulous diseasos, Sores, Eryslpelas, Eczema, Blotchcs, líingworm, Tumors, Carbuncles, i!iU, and Krupttons of the Skin, are the direct result of an impure state of tho blood. To cure these diseases the blood must be purified, and restored to a healthy and natural comütion. AvEit's Sarsapakilla has for over forty years been recognized by eminent modioal authorities as tlie most poverful blood puritier in xisteuce. It frees the systcm froni all foul humors, enriches and streugthens the blood, removes all traces of mercurial treatment, and proves itself a complete mas ter of all scrofulous diseases. A Recent Cure of Scrofulouw Sores " Some montlis ago I was troubleil w Ith pcrof ulous sores (ulcers)on my legs. 'J'he limbs we re badly s wollen and inflanied, and the sores discharged large quant ities of otlenwive matter. Kvery remedy I tried failed until 1 used Avkk's Sahsapakilla, of which I bare now taken three bottles, witli the result that the soroB are healed, and my general health grently improved. I feel verygrateful forthegood your medicine lias dono me. Yours respectfully, Mus. A.n. U'Biiia.n." 148 Sullivan St.( New York, Juue 24, 182. EF All peraons interestod are Inrit?! to rail on Mra. O'liria, ïbo npon tlie Kv. Z. P. Wild of 78 East 54tli Street, Nw York City,who will take pleaituro In testUytng to the wonderful effleacy of AyorV SarMiparilla, not only in the cure of this laily, luit in hls own caae and niany ollierb iithin i knowledgre. Thewell-known trriteron the Boston IhraUl, B. W. Ball, of Itochester, X.f.,vr'tc8, June 7, lbs-_': " Ha ving suffered severely for some vears Mith Eczema, and havingfai led tnttnd relief immot lier remetlies, I have made nM, during the patt three months. of Ayer's Saksapaiiilla, wlilch has effectea a complete cure. I consuler it a luagiiiticent remedy ior all blood diseases."' Ayer's Sarsaparüla stiniulates and ropuLiies the aciinn of the iligestive and aspimilative organs. renews and Btrengthens the vital forces, and qpaedily oural Rheumatifim, Neuralgia, Hhi'umatic Ooot, Catarrh, General Debility, and all dlteasea arising from an impoverished or corrupted comiitionof the blooU, and a weakeed vilality. It is incomparably the cheapost blooil medicine, on account of it8conccuti-atedstrcngth,audgreat power over disease. PRErARED BT Dr. J. C. Ayer &. Co., Lovvell, Mass. Sold bv all PrugglsU; price $1, sii bottles for $5. THE CANDY FACTORY! J. Wm, Hangsterfer Prop. XO. 5 HÜRON STREET, Opposite Court Houte, and BRÁNCH STOES NO, 35 STATE STREET Opposite the University. FRESH CANDIES of all KINDS MADE EVERY DAT. Choicc Mixed Candy - - 12c lb Choice Broken Fruit Candy - l")c lb Chocolate Cream Urop - 20c lb Ciramels ----- 25c lb Fine French Candy - 25c ld And all otber Candles in proportional lovr prlces.


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