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tH fSA "' A SPECIFIC rOuotle'yurDru8Blst persuade you totake JK g FOK !jj, f ) something else, but if he has not got it, and jj' CSh will notsend for it.write to us and we willsend B 2 "RTi L r ") ittoyou by expresa, prepaid, on reeeipt ofprice. H . ANDA One tothree bottles of Rheumatic Syrup will jüL_ _. ... clear the system of Bile, and cure any caseoflnmmi WÈ FOSltlVS ClirS flammator' or Acute Kheumatism, or Neuralgia. SkF f-'iiSa FOK Thrce to Dve bottlea will cure Erysipelas in Irjikvil Pïïü'nMATTQM 'l lBri- -ll-LlijUlUAllljlll Four to six bottles are warrantcd tü ture I b""f"W Neuralgia, corruPt and running Ulcera. Iwll fÉïilJK SPIATin IliMRArn ynlr to slx bottles are warrauted to cure Wm yféfjkjXtö ÖUAIM, lUlMuü. ayMeofSaltKheum. Í"ñ an?(4SÈ, Anlnfalliblercmedyfor Five to eight bottles will cure the worst I I' K' Vtift; all diseases of the Skin rase of Scroftila jj Wtv VSjBia and Blood, sueli a.s . iflU Sfïjr'ïïwi'fï Tetter, From two to four months' use of Eheutnatic I W fijiif M Binifworm, Syrup will cure anv ( c vnruuiu Aneumatism 5==$4t Scrofula, of muuiy years standing. Kal '";"■"'" r riuijjioo ■ oiotchei, If yon have lieen a suflerer for years, and have H ABPECIFIC for f nd 'f,1'"' best, Reedy used all thc remedies you could hear of, with no muil nu 'Or all remalfl ., . I pHEUMATlsïf plainU aiul We a avail, do not be discouraged, for Rheuniatic ■1 77"'lf- - nesses. H }ios cured Syrup will cure yon. II ZTi% audTd'whn " ' 1-0P '" ? bottl" für r'-UBI fcfRICElllt other remedies have Send for our pamphlet of Testimoniáis, etc, Tl8 9f failed. RHEUMATIC SYRUP CO., Rochester, N. Y.


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