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Five ncw cases of scailet rever daring tlie past week. Two fatal. Jas. F. HarriDgton carne un town yrsterday movn'mg on a pair of skates lie has had "ü yearj. The 203 acre farm of E. Cromaii's was solil at his public veiulue, to a Mr. Welch of Sylvan, tor $28.36 per acre. Mrs. C. E. DePuy starteil last Monda; for Florida, where she will join Mr. DePuy's parent.-, who intend to return north üböut tlie first of May. DEXTER. From the Leader. James Frawley feil on the ice yesterday, breaking his collarbone. Ayoung man by tlie name of ReeO, i employcil In J. H. Erarte' mil!, had hU I rlght hand badly injured last Saturday I wliile at work around soine machincry. MANCHESTER. FrcilB the Enterprise. Amoug those who carne here to attend 11 üie leap year pany last rt-eek were Dr. l Jeukmsaud M. M. Pcck of Ann Arbor. A teu yeir Uld daoffbter of Adolpli II look, of Sharon, was slidiug on tlie ice II on Sunday when shu feil striking the 11 back of lier head causing cüiicussion of II the bruin. i Will. Farnham, a li reman on the Lnke jl Sliore road, diecl at his homo n Ypsllantl II on Monday of blood poisoning. Our ! readers will remember tlmt Mr. Farnham 11 had his knee liurt heve last summtr, in l jumping on his engiue while iu motion. salín!?. Ij From the Observer. Ed. Welnett of Abilene, Texas, is visitlingwitli his father, B. Welnett, of this towDship. Mr. Woinett owna 4,000 acres l oflaud lo thc " Loue Star " Stale. I The young man Price, former bogtler I for W. C. Ayers, ot this place. [Milán], 1 was inested at the iiistunce of Ayres by I offlcev Leonafd. of Ann Arbor, last week, I tor threats. Trial the 24th inst. I ThdS. Claucy, jr., has served bis time IttAnn .irboi' and returned to Milán, aiul Imw says lie 13 se-ing to be fl good boy Iffld go to work. Clancy can now writc Ia name and consctiucntly bas a bilí linst Jas. Gauntlett for kaniing the J u YPSILANTI. 11 From Yosilanti Cummercúl. i 1 EuuiüteiA Uiat there s soon to be estabIptel in thiscity a savings bank. I 0. -V. Sober and S. C. Sober have sold I 160 acre farm it Caipenter's CornMo Geo. ISolmet for $10,400. I Fifty dentistry stuilents carao from the rtiversity to attend the funeral of the ¦wghtet of their esteenicd teacher Prof. ¦tting. From the Ypsilantian. 1 B.M. Doyle, formerlv of this city, has Bciicliased the ïremont"llouse at Wayne, WH an 80-acve farm and a $4,500 ¦inaage for the same. H,llH.Marsli, who was tutally disabied l ¦ -%is for 14 moiiths, md who from 11 ) " Ypsilanti mineral water has ffno t y up'oviiig for some time, lillii !" y Wttlke(1 tlle lcngth of the I,;',0" corridors unaided, hiscrntclies lri"ini'iünly iipport.


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