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BU-UNESS CARDS. wrnxiAai Blues Contractor and Builder. SHOP: romer Church and Oi-Ipbih Street, ANN AUBOI1, miCH. W. II. JACKSO.V, 3D:EíiIa"ilíriiI!ISi!!T!. Ovar 3icl:s Ajel's Dry Goods Store. Emtkancs bt Fia-T lima Bank. WILI-HM IIEKZ, House, Sign, Ornamental and FRES ,0 PAINTER! PuwrtuK, Qlaili'Ki OlMtig, nrt Calcimiiiluii, ai o work oí eveiy dwcrtotlo i done In the best st ]c. and rarrurtad n give sitisfacti iff. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor. C. SCIIAEBERLF,, RislDKNCE 57SOCTH M 11N ST., TeaCHEH OF fluo, fía d Tieery of Music. Givca uu Plm of ibu Uoyal Conpervatory uf Musii at Leipttic, Saxony. WJI.I.IAM W. ICHOLS DE1TTIST. New Dental Rooms, over Joe T. Jacob's Store. GAS or VITILIZED AIR AdmfiilmfMd i.rihe luduteczu acii n f ti-erh. Jrt3'I'il BRHRV, ïhe Tractical T.ULOR AAÜ ÜCTTER, Of ihe hite flrm of WINANS & Y. has li c:ited b's piare f i'U-iness at NO. 7 HURON STREET, WITH A FüLL LINE OF Suitings and Trouserings, Aod wuuui nay to hW oíd friendo and i.'w one that il they -antm.O'iD FIT nnd a NOBBY FI at RE tSuNA.1 LS PKiCEb, cali ou him ud ihe will he Mire tu g t uut DEAN OFREF & CO., Pointers and Decoro fors 167 & 109 ertewoM Street, ETiiOir, MICHIGAN Fine Paper Hangings, Elegant Ceiling Decorations, Fine Friezes in all Widths, House Shades and Rollers. A !ar:e variuryol Room Monldiugsand Hooke. FRESCO PAINTING! WcraakeaspeciaMy of STOKE SflADKH, anwe wl 1 'u'iii-h i;ftti[flai(ü and samplen ol color oí applicaüon. SHADES Fltted (o roll frum top or bnttom of tbe windovr oi hMtumerv or 'liavelin!; Koller. Wfll iuruisl Opaque shading t.i the trade cui to mensure. B. F. EOYLAN, PAINTER! And Dealer n French, American anci Plato Glass. Sii'n fl'ritiri},'. Paper Hang'lug', Dccoratius?, Flecoillg, Kte. 16j.MAINST.,SEC0NDFL00R WIXAXS & STAFFORD, FIÏTE CttsiomTailors WO. Í9 MU STRÏET, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Aro showin a flne line of SPRING SUITINGS1! Cve.coatings and Trousericgs. These .goods are selectt-d from the leiding business houses of New York, Boston and Philadelphia, and Inclade all tUe, HOTÏLTIES OF THE SEON. i : WIAXs & STAFFORD, )Uth Main Street, - Ann Arbor, Mloh PATEÑTS orao-T,1!' a?d,a" nlh"r nwhiewi la the u. 8. Patent oír á lMl "' lor M 'D" RA i E FEE8. c ca„ , i? '" "PK1"! tl.K U. s. latent Office, and ïï&i&siïsiïïitèr ü tbuu ih-c ïiïSbSiiFÏ t or ü ¦ A We advise ' i CH "Sub l JTÏ 1' rh'rfi'i; "nd we mke ï'0 VV, r ,' 'NL''S E B.-ATM I'ATENT. , oJio3SeiR'1ro lhl' P'WmH-ter, the 8upt. o Htcm mJ ;ii-' anl '" offll..l8 of the 0. 8. HÏÏL ' lrc„lar. dTtea, lerms. and i„, iH' acll clieM-in lourown 8wte or f Rheumatism SWriiS Mielloa, Acute or Chronic lumbago, Sciatica and -WfeNervous Headache. ""vls 1O., Acents. Detroit. 1174-1236. ""


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