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A Republiean State Convontlon to seleot four delegutes nt largo lid lwo delegales l'rom each (Jongressloual district (where tlie latter have not been prevlously üuly electcd by district convenlious) to attend the National Kepubllean Convention called to meet lo Chicago on the tlilrd day of June next, for the nouunaiion oí candldutes tor President and Vice-President, and to choose a otate Central Coramiltee, will be held in Grand Kaplds, ou Thursday. thu Hh day of April, A. D. 1884, at 11 o'clock A. M. The Uepublican elector of the State, and 11 other voters.witbout regard to pust politif al differeuees, who a.o 'n favor of elevatiug and digntfy ingAmerican labor.protecting and exteuding home Industries, giving Iree popuJar education to the inasses of the peopfe, securing iree sulï'rage and an honest countiug of baflote, effectually protecting all human rights in every section oí our common country, and who desire to prornote irleudly feeliug and permanent harinony throughout the land by u,ainlaiuing a national goverument pledged to these object and principies, are cordially invited to particípate in the election ol delegates to this convention. Tiie varlous Congressional districts have the option of electing their delegates to the National convention at separate popular delégate convention, called ou not less than twenty days' published uotice, and regularly held in the Congressioual districts at any time wlthin flite u days next prior to the meeting of the state convention, or by subillvisiousol the State couveiiliou iuto district conveutions, as has been heretolore practlced. All such district delegates shall be accredited by the olllcers of such district conventions. Under resolutions heretoforeadopted countles will be entitled to oae delégate for each 500 votes cast for Governor at the last general election, and one addltional for every iraction of nol less than 300 Vutes. Each organlzed county will be enflitled to al least oue delégate, and no delégate will be entitled to a seat in the Couvention who does nol reside lu the couuty he proposes to represent. Secretarles of County Conven tlons are requested to promptly forward certiöed lists of the delegates chuseu to the Hon, William JLivtugstone, Jr., at Detroit, Mich., as soon as wactlcable aller their several convenlious are held. E. 8. LACEY, Chairman. M'm. Livlngstone, E. W. Cottrell, II. 1). Kowlson, BurtonParker, Jno. C. Buarpe, O. C. Tompkins, James Monroe, J. M. Shepard, E. G. D. Holden, Geo.W. McBrlde, Chas. F. Kimball, K. C. White, w m. Hartsuff, Edgar WeekSi V. M. Kllpatrlck, A. B. Darragh, E, O. Shaw, Jno. M. Rice, T. C. Phillips, AlbertPack, T. T. Bates, W. K. Swift. Kepublican State Central Com. Washtenaw county is entitled to sevenieen delegates.


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