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Mondiiy opened brlghtly, and as a fair day always brings out a good Republican vote, this year was 110 exception to the rule. The total vote was somewhat larger than last spring, and the result shows a good Repubücan gain, a marked Democratie loss, while the Prohiblttonlst managed nearly to hold their own. On Mayor, Harrituan's majority of 259 received last year was ent down to 47,while Durheim's former majority of 16 was was raised to 193. In the First District the Republicans lose a Supervisor through the coalition of Demócrata and Prohibitionists. By the aid of the third ticket in the First Ward the Democrats re-elected their Alderman by a decreased plurality, as the Republicans made a great gain and the Democrats and Unionists showed great losses. The Repubücan candidate for Alderman In the Fonrth Ward had a handsomc majority and supplants a Democrat on the Conimon Council. Also in the Second, Third and Fifth wards the Repubücan aldermen had easy elections. Through a dissension in the party ranks in the Sixth Ward a Unionist crept in by a narrow squeeze. The ïesults give the Republican party much encoiiragemeut, as its voters are steadily gaining in number, while the Democrats are losing. As to the Prohibitionists it is evident they have racked their limit, and like all extreme and impracticable ideaüsts, they have attained their greatest power for doing harm, and may be expected after a while to drop out of sight and mimi. ¦VVAED OFFICEHS. lst Ward.Alderman- L. D. Taylor. . 111 .1.8. Henderson.lM- 17 P.Snauble 5? Constable -C. P. Sweet I2t Wm. Merl'hew 173- 52 H. Richards. .. 62 2d Wftrd, Alderrnan- J. Helnzmaun..l63- 93 J. J. Ellls 10 Wm. Wagner... 71 Constable- C. Schnelder.... 53 P. Schall 170-117 0 A. Ciray 11 M Ward, Alderman- C. K. Hlscock. .104- 73 H. E. H. Bower. 91 Constable- Jasper Imus W- 77 Win. Flynn'..... 8B 4th Ward.Alderraan- J. K. Lawrenee..líW- 107 H. J. Brown 83 Constable- Q. W. Gough... 80 Oeorge HeaIy...U0- 28 Geo. Jacobus. . .. 82 1 5th Ward,A.lderman- Earl Ware 91- 39 E. Masón 65 Constable- E. R. Manly 03 J. R. Murry 72- 0 J. D. Whlte 18 6th Ward, Alderman- N. F. Martín.... 62 N. G. Butts 46 Wm. BIeks 6 Constable- E. B. Gldley 58 C.C. Charol! ]9 J. W. Bhaw 79- 21 Tlie next Common Council will stand, Republicana, 7; Democrats, 6; Union, 1. It will be as follows: Mayor - W. D. Hiurimiin, D. Recorder - C. J. Durhehn, R. lBtWard- O. Lulck.D; J.S.Hendersoii.D. M " J. Walz, D.;J. Helnzmann, R. 3J " T. Keanif,R. ; C. E. Hiscock, R. 4tli " A. Eisele, D.;J.L 5th " G. ; Earl Ware.R. 6th '' V.C.Vauglin,D.;Viii.Bi';iis,ü.


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