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The City Convention

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The Republlcan conventloa was ciilled to order Thursduy evening by Mr. C. E. Hiscock, and Col. H. S. Dean was made chairman, witti Mr. Kinne gecretary. Tlie following were the delegates present: First ward- E. D. Klnno, Joe T. Jacobs, Henry 8. Dean. Wra. McCreery, J. J. Goodyear, J. E. Heal, Wm. A. Clark, L. D. Taylor, W. F. Brealcey, E. H. Hudson, Oilbert Bliss and E. E. Heal . Second ward-Phillp Bach, T. F. Hutzel, John Helnzmaun, C. S. Kuil, Ed. Graf, Wm. Herz, John Krause, C. J. Durheim, W. W. Watts, K. Gundert, George Lutz, and C. Schnelder. Thlrd ward- C. E. Hiscock, N. Kyer, S. T. Sweet, Andrew DeForest, C. J. Kuel, P. BanHeld, Jacob Fisher, Fred Schlanderer, Zonas Sweet, W. J. Clark, J. Freeman, and A. Peterson. Fourth ward- J. C. Knowlton, F. L. rarker, W. Alllson Sweeuey, C. H. Millen, E. N. Gilbert, M. H. Goodrich, W. T. Johmon, T. J. Keech, Jerorae A. Freeman, John Lacas, James McMahon, aud Harvey B. Freeman. Firth E. 8. Manly, Augustus Frneauff, N. Felch, G. Weeki, A. McCollum, Wm. Shall, O. Rhodes, J. Godden, C. MUlard, A. ilammoad, and EU W. Moore. Slxth ward- BenJ. Brown, J. H. Peíbles, A. F. Martin, C.H. J. Douglas, Chauncey Thompson, James Cook, E. B. Gldley. Rouert Glazier, Charles Hendrlck, Mlchael J. Breunan, und E. Il Curtís. lij the vote for mayor Dr. Smith was elccted by ballot without any particular opposition; Chas. J. Durheim as recorder and Wilium E. Blackburn s Justice of (he Penee. The city dtetriett nominated for Supervisor oí the íst :inil 2il wards, Conrad Krapt'; 3d and 4th, A. A Gregorv; 3th and (ith, C. A. Malliewiciu. The citv coinmitlee noniinated oonslits of H. S. Dean, cliairmnn, J. E. Ueal, Titus Hutzil, París Bttufield, Jorome A. Freeman, EU W. Mooru and BeTijamin Brown.


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