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The Coming Grand Concert

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On the eigbteenth of tliis month will occiir ia Auu Albor a musical event of an extraordinary cliaracter. It will be indeed of an unpreceJented cliaracter for our city. It has very rarely luippened that one hundréd and üfty singers adequately trained have been assembled for the reuderiu of a musical composition of so high an order as Mendrlssohn's 8t. Paul. Tliis is an undertaking of the magnitude of the best eflorts made iu large cities. New York, Boston, Chicago and Cincinnati have ofteu witnessed such performances, but it argües both excellent musical ability and praiseworthy diligence In practicc, that two tovvns like Ann Arbor and Ypsilauti can combine in the formation of so larga and well drillid a chorus as will appear in the oratorio of St. Paul, on the date above montioned. Beyond all question, our singers have done their duty in preparatiou. They have labored patiently and constan tly ever since early in October. It is also perfectly certain that they are admirably prepaied. The oratorio of Sr. Paul is oue of the rrandest of the classical coinpositions. It is only a fair notice to the public to state that they are to be furnlshed at home with a musical entertain ments on a par with the best they WOUld hear after traveling hundreds of miles to one of the greal citiea.


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