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Real Estate Transfers

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Geo. W.Hoy to C. D. Valentine. Manchcs'er lut $1,(10 Josephine K. Stein to Sarah A Boothe, ¦ silauti, lot Mary Donelnon to Theodore A. Hiscock, Ypsilanti lut. 88 44-100 acre o 000 Caroline Turner to Mary A. Bilble, Ann Arbor.lot 1-100 Nelson J. Keyer to L. W. 8. MorKan, Ann Arbor, lot .. 2,200 Willis E. Potter to Forbes H. Ballard, Augusta, UO teres 2,200 Jacob Bissinger to Michael Kaercher, Scio, 160 acres 11.000 David F. Moore to ('has. Trefetbcrn, Manchester, 20 acres 1,800 Geo. S. Morris to Kendall Kittredge, Ann Arbor, lot 3,000 Clarence M. Harria to F. W. Cleveland, YpBilanti, lot 2,000 Monroe . Woolsey to Comfort R. Bolt, Su I.erlor, 53 acres 2,000 Mary E. DeLand to John Boyce, YpBilanti, lut „ 2200 Jasper F. Martin to C. L. Yost, Ypsllantl, Iot, 1,000 John Miller to Morris S. Hall, Ypailauti, lot. 1,500 Erastus W. Bascoin to Jasper Martin, Ypsilauti, lot 1,200 Geo. W. Crane to Kalph Rice, Pittsfleld, 51 acres 4,000 Mary A. Hartbeck to Wm. H. Huesman, Sharon, 80 acres 4,300 James Chidister to John Bird, Augusta, 80 acres 3,200 Abram F. Burden to Reuben Kempf, Lima, 110 acres 6,000 Cheter L. Yost to Frank J. Krese, Pittsfleld, 103 acres 8,000 Edwin Bennett to Kinanuel Jedele, Webster, 1,200 Thomas Ewing to Emanucl Jedele, Dxter, iot :;,ooo Henry Krause to Eliza Valentine, Saline, lot, 1,000 John O. Koch 10 John Pflsterer, Ann Arbor, lot 1,220 Mary G. DaviBto C. L. Yost, Ypsilanti, lot.. 80O Abraham Hirth to Martin a. Hirth, Lodi, 200 acres 11,100 Ellen L. Cook ro Geo. Markin, York 1,000 Wm. K. Chílds to Cathariue C. Masen, Ann Ai bor, Iot 4.T0 Robert Campbell to J.VV. Kappler, Pitt-fleld, 77 acres 5,390 Edward Pardon to Frederick Giese, Aun Arbor, Iot 1,000