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I C5rV Jt "Ton claim too KftjáR-T. JfSloJ Ciul ""' In0'c'IM; hl" fflM JSmk, jsBSÍÍ?"í I1i1NV' i'yni'!1-""I ifflrJBI y" ; --r-- " A I r (I ll o I i H m ) Opium Kat tur Kliciunatism, Spermatoi", rhre, or Seminal Wcakncss, and flfty other comiilaintsí" Me claim it a specifle, eimply, becausc the virus of all discases arises from lúe blood. It Nervino, Reaolvent, Altorative and Lazatire projiertiesnicetantheconclitious hercio. i reícrreU to. It' known morid toidt oompOKI tho patiënt- not by thc introduction of opiiitee and drastic ciithurtics, but y the restoraüonof aetivityto the stoma jh and 'lervous Bystem, wuereby the bmin is relieveu of morbid rancies, whicii are created by tlte causes above referred to. To Clergymcn, Lawyers Literary men, Morchants, Bankcra, Ladie and all those whose sedentary employment causes nervous prostratíon, irregularitie of the blood, Btomach, bowcle or kídnevsorwhorequire a nerve tonic, appetizeror etimulant, Samabitak Nebvinb ís invaluabic. Thousandsproclaim itthe mostwondcrfulinvigorant that ever austalned the Binkiug systtm. $1.50. WoldbyallDruiíKi-i. (14; For teetlmonlals anrl circulare send stamp. IHt CB, S. A. BISimOND MED. CO., P20P2'3., 8T. JOSEPH, MO. Lord, Stoutenburgh & Ce , Ascuts, Chicago, Illinois. DOES niP WONDERFUL VUií CURES OF # I+H KIDWEYDISEASES (f W AND Q LiVER COMPLAINTS. o Bwause it acts on the l.IVKIt, BOWELS and KIDXETS t the sanie time. Becmuso it oleansee the system of tlie poison. ous humors tliat develope in Xidney and Urinary DiaeaaeB, Biliousnesa, Jaundi'-e, Constipation. Piles, or in Hnetimatúm, Neuralgia, Nervou Diaorders and all Female ComplaiiitH. %3-SOU.D PROOF OF TIUS. TV WIU SUBELT CTTEE CONSTIPATION, PILES, and RHEUMATISM, By causing PREE ACTIO2-Ï of all the orLans and functions, thereby CLEANSINC the BLOOD restoring tho normal power to tnrow off diaoase. THOUSANDS OF CA8E8 of the worst forme of these terrible cUwaaeg hve been quickiy relieved, andinaehorttimo PERFECTLY CURED. PRICE, 1. LIQVID OB DUY, 80LD BY CRIGCISTS. Dry can be aent by mail. WElxLS, RICHAEJJSON Sc Co., Burlington, Vt. 3 Sead Uuip for Diary Almau&c lot tsti. ¦ I M I b! S i lyyf TSM ' IniFbriïs and Children Hlt"LZ.?JLU'Í?P--T'.''COtÍCTQ. J ' v ' Ir ¦¦ roey cheeks, h:-: , urea Lhnir Lovers, ins'kes them slcpp'Tirt ( Mstoria. ' xrhc". Bal fret, nrl erv i,y tiirng V hat onroa their eolio, kul thoir worms lint CiiKlorla. Wliít qulcUiv onres Con :ttpntton bour bco:nach, Colds, Iuiligestinn : lint (¦si in-la. FarcwaU thon tn Korphl Castor M! :iul ïv.r iría, and H:tlTC-l-:,.v;a. tcgaüaLTjccci'saBagjêEMiriiiaiBeaj'Ea- Whtto uro i'or Ti.lic-.ii.iii.tism, Bprolas, Bn-n GHKs, öc, cid aa inst.-intar.ooi.u ï'ai.rcMeTer. CHAMPDÖN CABINET CREAMERY A v il r l e l S 1 1 t e ¦ .___r 7 Mrdnl nl Provlnrlui WBKWpsWtWS' Kxhlblclou, ilu-'iiU. ife , i - ;1 Uiit..M.-.(..lwl. B w 7u J-'irar I'rcniluinnnd McrlIS ' l. ¦.C1'.'.'s . i' .- ' - , j ri. I ornito lniliiftrlrti Ki¦ i::"". '-- i hibiHon. Toronto, Caua. ¦ fc. r il t -ii da. SoilcnibiT. 1SS3. MM l 1 t-dÉggl liastakt'D thcllratpreMKMT,. mluni at tlif State Knhslu II neniiy evOry Western 1 I Suite. i:-ii..iM thu most fJJH_ "gB creii'.n vilh least labor, Mr""':'WSW Makes Iho best lunter. Ie made of tlie be&t niateriftl A preat number In um1. AU sizea for factorles or diilrioa. fceud for üluetrated (.'ireulurs. lalry Xiuplcnieut Co., }Si-11u%vm 1iu, vt. "Qeorge, dear, don't yo tliink it mtlier extravagant of jou to eat bnlter with that dellcloui jam?" "No, love, eeonumlcal. Saniu j)ioce of brcud üoes for bolh." Dauglilers, Wives, und Mothcrs. vVe einphatically guaran tee Dr. Marcliisi's Catbolicon a Female Remody, to cure Femalo Disea8P8,such as Ovarlno trouUle, Iiifliiinination and ulcera tl on, Palling mul DIaplacements or boarlng down feellng, Irrcgularitios, Barren nees, Changeof Lite, Leuconhoca, liesidcs many weakneSfa springing i'rom the above, l'ike Headuclie, Hloating, Spinal weaknew, Sloplstuei8, Nervous debility, PalpiUUlon of the hen i, etc. No cure, No l'uy. For sale bydruggiuts. Prioei $1.00 and per Bot U e. Seudto Dr. J. H. Marchlil, ütlca, N. Y., for pamphlet, free. Forsale by Eberbucli & Son, Drujcfrists. If Catarrh has destroyed yonr lenú of smell and hearing, llall's Catarrh Cure will cure yon. 75 cents per bottle. Sold by Kberbach & Sou.


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