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VALUABLÉ_TRUTHS "If yon are sufferlng from pooi health 'or laiiguishing uu ;i bed of sickuess, tuke 'cheer, for Hop Bitters wlll Cure You. "If you are siniply ailing, ifyou feel 'weak aud dispirited, wilnout clearly ' kuowing why, Hop Bitters will Revive You. " If you are a minister, and have over'taxed yourself withyour pastoral duties, ' or a ïuother, woru out with care and ' work, Hop Bitters will Restore You. "If yon are a man of business or laborer ' weakened by the strain of your every' day duties, or a man of letters, tolliag 'over your mldnight work. Hop Bitters will Strengthen You. "If you are sufferin from over eating, 'or drinking, any indiscretlon or dlssipa' tion, or are youug and growing too fast, 1 as is often the case, Hop Bitters will Relieve You. " If you are in the workshop, on the farm, at the desk, anywhere and feel 'thatyour sytem needs cleanslng, tone'lug, or stiinulating, without intoxiea' tlng. Hop Bitters is whatyou Need 11 If you are old, and your blooJ thin 'and impure, pulse feeble, yonr nerves ' uusteady, aud your facllitles waning, Hop Bitterswill Civeyou New Life and Vigor. 11 HOP BITTERS is an elegant, healthy, 'and refreshlug flavorlng for sick room 'driuks, impure water, etc, renderiug ' tliern liarmless, and sweetening the j 'muuth, aud eleansiug the stomach." léanse, PuriTy and Enricli the Blootl with Hop Killers, And you will have nosickness orsufforing or dootor's bllls to pay. HOP BITTERS is an Elerant, Pleasant. and Refreshlng Klnvorlng for room. Drlnks.and impure Water reuderlng ihem liarmless. sweeteniug tho inoutli, aud eleuuslng the stomauh. Q1?T3 I Jiooiinl m 3J3S nou, 4 "liiinifli uu Rats." Clean out rats, inice, roaches, flics, ants, bed-bugs, skunks, chipmuuks, gopbers. 15e. Druggists.


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