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E.ister uext Suuday. _ m . Aie yiiu ready tor coloring the easter ggg? Have .vou secn Dr. Jenkins out with his iiew hoite ' ___ Stitet Services at the Methodist church oexi 5mJay Grouml macovered witli inow yesterj,, and tl' mornin üoodyeT lias added another olork to UU forcé, Mr. DanieU. j'lie uew otfl:ers of the K. T. were ,l,ily HsUlled last night. Mr. Green, the livery man, liad a vulinble horse die last Friday. Eirl is out with a uew 'bus whioh has been christened " Amazon. ' Charles Baxter's auctiou sale of horses lust Buturda; had no bidders. A Banltary Convention will be held in Hillsdale the 1? and lStli insts. A friend near Boston writes that tlicy hare 10 uches of snow in their state. TheFi-anklin House.torinerly theLeonird, is expected to be in running order about May 1. Two Gregorys on the Board of SuperTisors now: C. 8., f rom Scio, and his son John, from Lima. Week before last the State iish conimiasioners placed öOOO brook trout in a stream near Ann Arbor. Chas. FanÜe's house has been rented and will bc occupied by H. B. Doughty and il. Clothier, Jaw students. C. T. Donnelly opened a fish and poultry murket last week in the room fitst door cast of Heury Matthews, on Huron street. E. J. Johnson, the hatter, expects to occupy soon the room on Huron street, recently vacated by Mr. Hall, the coal dealer. At Armory Hall last Sunday aftcrnoon Itev. Stalker deü vered atemperance address. Dr. Herdman spoke in the evenihg. At the SI E. church Öunday 10 were baptized and 13 receied into the church. This makes fifty new meinbers within the past few weeks. John Taylor, colored, commonly known as "Chicken " Taylor, died at the county house Monday evening about Z o'clock. His death was very sudden. Mr. Sej'ler is maki ii;j extensive itnproveraeuts on his new house and giouuds on Fourth street. He will probably move nexti or the foHowing week. The j lil loan bein evldeutly defeated, the city will probablv build a loek-up back of ihe city hall, 'tis thous;ht, to furnisli a place for her prisoners. We mideistand that poker rooms are ia fuJJ blast Sundays ou one of the upper lloors of a building on Huron street. What do you think about it? In sixty-one entiles of th same class at the Cleveland dog show last week, John H. Sweefs English fox hound from this city took the second prize. For two pounds of old cent: for oue cent, a cigarette. This is the season of the year for the small boy to be engaged in the b.b.-bone business. Wliat a showing-up of hidden eggs there will be next Sunday - eggs appropriated for sorae weeks past from the daily Uoïvance of the family chickens. The session of the Woman's Board of Mission at the Congregational church to-day and to-morrow cali a large number of delegates from various points in the State. One of the siile walks on west Huron street near the Chi Psi house is very mueh complained of. Parties using it v4 be pleased to have the city authorities maVic a note ottt Mrs. Comstock. 61 loutb División street, is ííuildinnr au ailJiti,.n to her house for for the use of Air. and Mrs. J. J. QOodyear. The will pn.bibly occupy their new home next week or soon tliereafter. The Iatest report from James A. Coy Ie, wrmerly of Anu Arbor, is to the effect l"at he will not recover. It will be reembered that Mr. Coyle was crushed by the Dtroit Times elevator some weeks since. Henry Harvey and George Harvey, l0 iilead guilty Thursday of stealing anJ killing four sheep beloning to Hemn Hicks, were given, Heurj-, one year Jackson, and Ueorge, one year and a Ual at the same place. Dating from April lst, the livery at the corner of Fouith and Washington streets '8 known as Kobison & Howe's, Mr. Gilwn Howe having purchased the interest Mr. A. V. Hobisou. James W. Robi80 retains his interest in the stable. Tl,e foundation for the new skating "koii west Huron street is well onder dway, WIth sixty.flve M at in ti' A number of iinprovements viemity are already begun all tend'"tolivenup Huron west of Main. JnTT Í- IIe"derson in his retuí1Ítl!eWMhte'""' County AgriculZZ week, gives as the too 'rCeiPlS T"e l'ur,„ents ,Ï8f'. 'o te, April 9th, '84, 6 Balance on hand, $4.52. The Ann Arbor Scientlflc Association met Saturday evening for its annual meeting, offlccrs were elected as follows: President, Prof. M. E. Cooley; vice pres. Trof. H. Sewell; treasnrer. Prof. Otis Johnson; secretary, C. K. Meüee. The eompany enjoyed a banquct and toasts, at whlch the ladies weieespecially invited to be - absent. James Sober, of Salem, a veteran of the war of 1812, died at his home on the 4th inst., at the age of ninuty-one years. Mr. Sober was bom in New Jersey, spending the early part of hls life in that state and Vermont. Enlisting In the army in 1818, he served at Port George and several minor b:ittles of the war of 1812. He carne to Michigan iu 183i, locatingin Salem townsliip uu govennnent land. Here he realded until hUdeath last Tliursday. In accordance with the advice of his attorney, and as he had expressed his intention of doing, Mr. Doutrlas on Monday, Sist tilt., reported for duty at Supt. Perry's office. The room w;is full of High School studeiits whoeagerly watclied the proceeding-=, and Supt. Perry received with great condescenston the teacher he had at last worked out of his position. Kow that he has gained his point of creating a Tacanoy to be permanently filled to his own liking, Supt. Perry is using every means to disarm the public censure of the measures he einployed, and if possible to forestan the reaction already setting in against hini and the teacher in whose interest he has all along been working. When Supt. Perry had officially decliued Mr. Douglas's services, tlie lalter handed over the kejTs and pleasantly expressed the hope that the High School would have a properous term. If the Board decline to fultill their contract with Mr. Douglas.he will at once begin an action for hissalary The case seeins a clear one, and the taxpayers raay be called upon to pay not only the two salaries, but also the costs of the action, if the board foolishly attempt to withhold Mr. Douglas's stipulated salary