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BACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. We have in stock this week, 500 pieces Ottoman Ribbons in all the desirable shapes at ten md tlfteen cents per yard. Bach & Abel. We have somc very nice Cushmeies at 42, 50 and (0 Cents. If you want a cashmere dres?, we are headquarlers for these goode. Bach & Abel. It would seein tliat no lady need be without u Black Silk Dress this spring, Unlett she waits until this BUrprUlDg purchase is gané. We have on sale this week two numbers of Black Silks at $1.25 and .$1.50, the best vulue ever short n in any city at the price. A good body and color, close woven, and with more wrar in them (han nniny silks sold for doublé the moupy. Bach & Abel. New Spring Hosieiy now on exhlbltion at Bach ie Abel's. Lailies are amazed at the prices when they vkit our Ladies' Underweur Department, and see our elegant White Musliu and Cambiic Skiits, Cheniises, Drawers, Night Dressrü, Corset Covers and Infaut's Wurdrobes, it does not seetn possible that they could be made for the money. Bach & Abel. . . We place on sale this week the tinest line of' new black goods ever shown in Ann Arbor, consistingof Drap D'Alma's, Armures, Cashineies, Tricots, Oltomans, llenriettas, Barytheas, and Satins. We would like the privilege of showing them. Bacii & Abel. Xew Luces, New Bucblligi, New Neekwear, New Collars and New Button-, now on sale at Bach & Abel's. We will givc you this weck the best Black Jersey you ever havu seen, at the low price of $2.00, all wool. Come and tiy thein on if you don't want to buy. Bach & Abel. K .at Estafe for Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, ss. In tlie matter of the estáte of Anna T. Holllster, an incompetent persen. Notlce iNhereby Kiven,lhat in pursnaneeof ui order granted to the undersigned, guardián of said Anna T. Hollister, by ttie Honorable Judge of Probate for the County of Washteniuv, ou the nlnth day of April, A. D. 18S4. tiiere will be sold at public vendue, to the hlghest bidder, at the east lronl door of theUourt House, in the city of Ann Arbor, iu the county of Washtenaw. in said State, on Tuesday, the twenty-seventh day of May, A. D. 1884, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of thal day (subject to all encumbrauces by mortgage, or otlierwlse exisliug at the time of sale; the íollowing described real estáte, to wit: The undivided lnlf interest in flfty feet off the snutil side of lot Mo. thirtteu in bloulc No. four, south of Humu street, range No. eigbt east, accordiug to tlie record ed plat of the Ann Arbor Land Compauy's additlon to the village (now city) of Aon Arbor, Washtenaw couuty, Michigan W1LLUM N. STEVNH. Guardian. Dated, Ann Arbor, April 9th, 1881. 119O-U4 "Steady by jetks" - a kangaroo's progress.- Phila. Cali. A Popular Fallacy. Many people think that rheutnatism cannot be cured. It is caused by a bad state of the blood whieh deposits poisonous matter in the joints and musclea oaus ing lameness, stifFness and swelling of the oints and excruciating pains. KidneyWort wiü certainly etfect a cure. It acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels, stimulating them to a healthy action, purilies and enriches the blood andeliminates the poison trom the system. Go to the nearet druggist, buy Kidney-Wort and be cured. No man lias come to true greatness who lias not feit in some degree that bis life belongs to hls race, and what God give nim lie gives him for mankind. We feel that we are doing the public a favor in calling their attention particular" [y to Hood's Sarsaparilla. This is not a patent medicine, huta proprietary article, poscsiing real curative propetties, and ts eö'ect upon the blood are very posi;ive. Spring ,0ebility, bilionsness, dyspepsia, and all troubles caused by impure blood readily yield to this excellent medicine. We think those who give it a trial for that "out of soxts" feeling from which so many suffer and which is j iar to this season, will be quite satistied with tlie ïesults. . Epilepsy Entirely Cured. Prof. living B. Smith, of Pike, N. Y., niakeg the following statement: 'Samaritan Nervine hae entirely cured me of epïleptic lits." Keep 'I lus in .hiud. - In the Diamond Dyes more coloring is given than in any inown dyes, and they give taster and ïiore brilliaut colora. 10c. at all diuglists. Wt-lls, Hichardson & Co., Burington, Vt. Sample card, 32 colors, and jook of directions for 2c. stamp. Pure blood helps to make a clear conscience. Hooü'a Saisaparilla pnrifies the blood. Euough said. Send us a big botle. Conviucing'. The proof of the puiklingis not iu chewng the string, bul in having au oppoitulity to test the article diiTCt. Eherbach & Sou the UruggiMs havi' a free trial botleof Dr. Bosanko's Congh and Lungöyrip for each and everv one who is aiflicted vith Coughs, Colds. Aslhma, Consumpion or any Lung Afl'ection. "Oh, dear!'' exclaimi-d Mis. Flight, 'how dizzy I ani ! my head spins round ike a top.'1 "A very happy simile," renaiked Fogg; "for every body's head, you üiow, is atop." - Boston Transcript. Everybody Knows it. When you have the Itcli, Salt P.heuin, Gallp, or Skin Eruptions of a.y kind, and he Piles, that you know without being old ol it. Ebeibach &Son, the Diuggiits vill sell you Dr. BoMilko'a Pile Hemedy 'or ü0 (sents, wliich affords inimediate reief, and is a sure cure for either of the bove diseases. "Were you out late Suuday night?" isked Augustus. "Wtll, rather," anwered Charlie. " How late?"' " Oscuate." Hall's Calatrh Cure is laken internally. t acts directly upon the blood and the uucous surfaces of the system. Price 75c. ¦¦or sale by Eberbacb. & Sou.


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