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Compiled from Late Dispatches. CONGRESSIONAL. A Bill was introduced iu the Scnato on the lst by Mr. HM to ruake sold and silver eertiacates legral teader. A bUl for the relief oí the Joannette survivors was passod. Discussiou of the Educatloii Dit] was rosumed. Generáis (ram and Bealo wero tendored the courteay of the t!o t. ...In the Houae bilis were favorubly reported tor the naturalizaron of the deseendants of aliena who gerved honoriibiy In tho army; authorizlnjr the service of proco -ses of Kedei-al courts within the Umita of Indian resorvations; to pro i,lc for tho inspection of live stock, hos: product and dressod meats, and to prohibit contracta for the labor of Federal pruoners. ïho bill to redeern tho trade-dollars was puesed - 189 to Mi- af ter the erasuro of thefnurth section, whieh provided that they sliou d Ie uoiintcd in the eompulsory coinase. Mr. Hopkins, of tiie ppecial committee to investlgafe the charges aijalnst H. V. Boynton. submitted a report aocompanted by a resolutlon declarintr that tho charg-es airainst Mr. lioynton n-cre not sustained by the evidenoe, and that there was no grouud lor any further aetlon by the House. I. the Senate on tho 2d conoeted crodentials of Ilenry li. Payne ns Senator from ühio were pieented. Tlio Education bill was iurther debated In tho House a recesa of flftcen minutes was taken to receivo General (irnnt, who leanod on a crutch at the Clerk'a desk and was iutroduced to membor by Speaker Carlisle. A me83a?e from the President was recelved. recomniendin1 an appropriation of íIuoáh for the protoetioii of loveoa OD tho lower Misissippi. A petition was presentod in the Senate on the üd frora eiirlit thousaad cltizens of the Western States askingr for a pension of at least eight dollars iu money for each honorably-discharged soldier and aailor oí the late war. The Edueation bill was further debated. In the House a joint reyolution was adopted authoiizing the loan of flags and bunliutr tor thp fair at Richmond In aid of disabled Confedcruto veterana. The Inaian Appropriation biil was cousidered. In the Senate on the 4tn a bill wa8 reported for the appointiuent of a commission to mark the boundary line butwecn Indian Territory and Texas. A petition was presonted from the Chicatro Board of Trade ag-alnst the furthor coina:o of silver dollars, A bill was introduced to authorlze tho reappointment and retirement of disahled oilicors honorably discharKed from the rosrular army. A Joint resolution waa submitted makins: an appropriation of $1UO.(HO for tho protection ol leveea on the lowor ilississippi. Speeches on the Education bill were made. ...In the House a bilí was reported providingr for tho adjuetment of Coniresional land (fraots within the borders of Kansas. Tho Indian. Appropriation bili iSS,iH7,ü43) was passeil. An oveninp soaaioii' was held for tliu consideratlon of the peneion bilis. DCMESTIC. Joseph Wislczie, a prominent tailor of San Francisco, grew insane from financial troubles and inflicted mortal wounds upon himself and his cousin with a knife a few days ago. Axother murder occurred at Cincinuati on the lst, Noah Lightfoot (colored) killing Hugh Toomey by a blow with a shovel. Lightfoot was locked np. All was quiet at the scène of the late riot, aud uo further trouble was anticipated. Ten business buildings at Sherman, Tex., were destroyed by a recent flre, and two churches were slightly damaged. Twexty-five families left Pittsburgh on the lst for Seattle, W. T., and others would soon follow. They claimed to have been crowded out by foreigners, giving employors a chance to reduce wages. The barricades about the court-house at Cincinnati were removed on the 2d. The Seventeenth Regiment slill guarded tho jail, and the Fifth was at Musio Hall. It was reported that forty-fivo were killed and one hundred and thirty-eight wounded In the riots. Advioks of the 2d state that besides the destruction of the village of OaKville, Ind., and tho loss of six livos by the reeent cyclone, every farm for five miles east and west, in the path of the storm, was wrecked, barns, houses, orchards and forests being blowa down, and fences leveled o the ground. Four persons lost their ivpg, and a large number of stock was killed. The Mississippi River was again rapidly rising at Hannibal, Mo., on the 2d, all the lower part of the city being inundated, and people were moving in skiff a from their houses, tlirough which water four feet deep was flowing. All the lumber yards were submerged, and large quantities had floated áway. The loss would be heavy. Petere storms ín Western Ohio, close to the Indiana State line, were reported on the 2d. Farmers, suffured severely. A quarrel the other day about the ownership of a lien caused three women in Ritchie County, W. Va., to kill Mrs. Eliza Richardson with knives and clubs. The Brit ish steamer Sal armo, which arrived on the 2d at Boston, reported passing an iceberg a mile in length. Alí, but two townships of the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in Dakota have been restored to the public domain by proclamation of the President. Claxton & Co., book-publishers at Philadeljphia, failed on the 2d for $150,000, and Lyman & Curtis, of New York, toymercuants, made an assignment for $172,003. A deputy-marshal and his posse on the 2d took to Louisville twelve moonshiners eaptured in a raid through Green and Casey Counties, Ky. A cyclone passed through Dade "¦ vivüiyíiia petasen luiuugli .LilUU vUUH" ty, Ga., on the 2d, causing the deatli of eight persona and great destruction of property. Ín Madison County, Ala., a wind-storm blew down the house of a family named White, and Mrs. White and her motber-in-law were killed, and a baby was carried several miles in the woods, where it was found alive. A premature blast a few days ago at Port Arthur, on the Canadian Pacific Road, killed &ve men. Foür United States prisoners having died of measles in jail at Atlanta, Ga., and twenty-nine cases being in the hospital on the 2d, the remainder of the prisoners would be released on suspended sentences. Lightnixg struck a school-house on the 2d near Nevada, O., seriously burning four pupi;s. A report made to Congress on the 2dby Statistician Dodge, of the Agricultural Department, showed that the stock of wheat on hand was 110,000,000 bushels, of which 4,500,000 bushels were in Illinois, 9,500,000 bushels in Iowa, 7,500,000 bushels in Wisconsin and 13,50D,iJ00 bushels in Minnesota. Peter Vione, conflned in the lock-up at W aterrille, Me., fliu! the building a few days ago and perished in the Dames. The largest and most influential meeting of cotton manufacturéis ever held in the Bouth took place at Augusta, Ga., on the 8d. A Cotton Association was formed, and it was unanimously resolved that the lnterests of the trade demanded a curtailment of production. . In the vicinity of Lynch l.urg, Va,, a ter rifle wind-storm on the 3d blew down houses, uprooted trees, and did considerable other damage. Twexty-fivk persons were seriously in.iureil by a railway accident at Belleville, 111., on the 3d, causud by a train being thrown down an embankment by an open switch. It was said the switch was left open by an employé, who was in a neighboring salion drinking. A TEJi-YEAR old boy, who killed a farmer by hitting him with a stone, pleaded guilty to manslaughter at Washington, D. C. a few days ago, and was sentenced to the Reform School for eleven years. The United State Marshal at Salt Lake closed the London Bank of Utah on the od on nn attachment for $50,'.'00. Ki.vancial embanassment caused the suicido a few days ago of Major C. Ci. Thurrnoml, a leading cottou operator at Shreveport, La. The Chicago, fcit. Louis & Pacific and Chicago & Indiana Central Railroads havo filed articlas of consolidaüon, tae Joint beiug $30,000,003. The combiuation will be known as the Chicago, St. Louis & Pacific. Durino March $8,250,000 worth of property was destroyed by flre; and for the fiiKi, quarter of 1884 the loss was $27,250,000, ï3,0jU,u00 in eicess of the record for the corresDondtiií: Dorícxi oí 18SS. ' Buffalo gnats were on the 3d killing mulos in Western Misissippi. Deer were fleeing to the high lands of Arkansas to escape the pssts. The Mississippi River was falling slow ly on the 3d from Vicksburg to the gulf, but was Btill very high. Plantors in the inundatod parishes were hopeful that tlie overflow water would run off in time to pennit the planting of a full erop. In somu sectiom ot Northern Louisiana land was beginning to bo soen in spots. Tiie stenmer Rebeeca Everingham was burned to the water's edge in the Chattahoochee River at Fitzgerald's Landing, Ga., early on the morning of the 3d. Thirteen persons lost theirlives, and of the passengers who escaped in their night clothes, many were soverely burned. Tha boat was loaded wlth cotton, and was valued at $34,000. The min ing bosses in the neighborhood of Shenandoah, Fa., have discharged all the Hungarians in their einploy. Five Polanders who anived at Scranton, Pa., on the 3d, looking for work, were struck by an engine and instantly killed. Trichiniasis caused the deatb of Mrg. Galle and daughter at Loyal Hanna, Pa. on the 3d, and Mr. Galle and another daughter were not expeeted to recover. The murderers executed on the 3d were George Jones, a negro lad of Plttsburgh, Pa., and John and George Stephenson, of Regina, Northwest Territory. There were 178 failures in the United States and thirty-four in Canada duriug the seven days ended on the 4th, against o total of 204 for the two countriea during the previous week. Advices of the 4th state that many small craft had been wrecked by a gale which swept Chesapeake Bay the previous three days. William A. Hall, ex-Chief Clerk of tho Comptroller's ofBce in New York City, was on the 4th sentenced to twelve years' imprisonmont for forgery and embezzleinent. The Government relief steamer General Barnard left several thousand rations at Tipte nville, Tenn., on the 4th, and would di-stribute supplies at all points between Vioksburg and the iDouth oL tbe lied River. Thbee persons were executed on the 4th for murder- Heury Rose at Osceola, Ark.; Joe McGea at Conshatta, La., and Andy Roland, at Spring Placa, Ga. At Northeast, N. Y., Edward Ilouse, while Uring at a mark rocently, shot his wife dead. It was announced on the 4th that for three days foiest lires had raged in saveral counties of Southern North Carolina, destroying turpentine orchards, vast forests of pine, residences and turpentine distilleries. Tlie fire swept a section of about one hundred and fifty sqare miles, leavine the country a blackened wilderness. No lives were reported lost A revknuk cutter and two American ships sailed from Key West on the 4th, to i assist the Dix la searehing for the Cuban filibusters. The first sentences since the riots were iinposed on the 4th at Cincinuati, a colored woman who shot with intent to kill getting seven years, and a man who killed another with a blow of his fist, and pleaded guilty of manslaughter, receiving a five years' sentence, Rev. W. E?. Mahan, postmaster of Mound City, Mo., was found dead in bed a few inornings ago. Ho was sixty years of age. PERSONAL AND POLITICA!. Orkim A. Carpeiíter, recentlyacquitted of tle charge of murdering Zora Burns, returned to Lincoln, 111. , on the lst in the eompany of bis wifo. There was no manifestation of feeling against him. It was said that he intendeJ to remore to Massachusetts. A Cleveland journal was hoaxed into publishing a statement on the lst that S. i J. Tilden anri other Democrats were in tbat city for a consultation with Senator j Payne, and would hold a reception at a i hotel. Hundreis of persous were AprilfOoled. The Suprema Court of Massachusctts has decided that taxes upon mortgages of I real estáte subject to local taxation are I legal. Túe State Treasurer would be j pelled to refund $37,000 to various j anee companies. In the Connecticul Legislatura on the 2J a bilí providing for biennial sessions was passed in both Houses. William Jones, of Washington, who shot at Guiteau through the prison van iu i 1881, is to be tried April 28. The New Hampshire State Greenback Convention will be held at Manchester September 1. The Iowa Legislatura closed its session on the 2d. At the Rhode Islanl State election on the 2d the Republicans re-elected I nor Bourn and the other State officers by increased majorities. The Legislatura would stand: Senate, 27 Republicans, Í Democrats; House, 67 Republicans, 2S Detnocrats. Captain W. N. Robinson, Democratie candidato for Congress in the Eighth Alabama District, killed himself at Scottsboro on the 2d by driving a penknife into hls breast. It was thougüt that excitement over the eampaign wa-i the causa. Advices of the 3d state that at the recent Rhode Island election Bourn, the Repuülican candidato for Governor, received a. mr.jority of 6,500, against 2,000 inajority last year. The remains of the late James R. Partridge, formerly United States Minister to Peru, who committed suicide in Alicante, Spain, arrived in New York on the 3d. The Hinnesota State Democratie Convention will meet at St. Paul May 29 to select delegates to the National Convention. The Connecticut Legislatura adjourned sine die on the 4ch, after a three-months' session. Washinotok advices of the 4th state that the House Committee on Post-roads had adopted a resolution declaiing it inexpedient for the Government either to construct a postal telegraph or purchase auy exlsting line. Attorney-General McCartney, of Illinois, has decided that under the Harper law incorporated municipalities can prevent druggists from selling intoxicants in any quantity or for any pui pose; and that, if licensed, the term of the document must comply with the statutory provisions of the bill. 1 I' I '1 J IFOEEIGN. Geseral Uraham and his forcea on th Ist sailed from ísuakim for Suez. Oaman Digma was said to be encamped nearTamanieb, with one thousand followers. General Gordon would no longer attempt to conciliate the nut i vos. Acstrian pólice were on the Ist gaid to be of the opinión that the recent assassinations in Pesth and Vienna were plotted in New York by a society of Anarchiste of which Herr Most is the head. Bismarck received hundreds of dispatcbes at Berlin on the lRt congratulad ing him upon the sixty-ninth anniversary of his birthday. It was announced on the lst that authorized agents of the Turkisb Government were attempting to close tho schools in Asia Minor conducted by American inissionaries. Twelve large publishlng flrtns in London, Kng., including the Religioua Tract Society, were buinedouton the 2d, causing a loss of $T,000,000. It was announced on the 21 that Osman Digma was actively engagod in preparing for further offensive operations in the Soudan. Fifteen persons were drowned recently by the wrecking of a Danish bark off the fcihetland Islands. Famine prevailed on the 31 in the Prov ince of Kazan, Russia, and many persous had died. The steamship Neptune arrived at St. Johns, N. F., on the 8d with 41,500 seals, valued at $lüö,009, which were taken in twelve days. Tuis was the largest catch on record. An expross train on the Grand Trunk Road leaped the track near Wales, Ont., on the 4th, and the engineer and flremen were killed and twelvo passeugers were lniurad. The steamer Daniel Bteinman,from Ant' werp, carrying a crew of thirtyfour men 1 and ninety passengers, was wrookod off j Sambro, N. S., on the night o( the 8d. The Captain and five of the crew were the only survivors - 118 persons perishing. The British Goveruinent on 4th claimed to have unearthed a plot by Irish InvinciblHS to blow up Monntjoy Prisou. 1 Letters found in a cell showed that the wanlons were to be bribed to place an infernal machine in the príson, and that a noted conspirator was to be thrown over a balcony and killed. Word was received at Ottawa, Ont., on the 4th fiom the lumber woods on the upper Ottawa of the death of five Italiana, who died of exposure during the last cold snap. They were found dead In their lumber shanty. A kit. u an exhaustire discusaion the British Cabinet decided on the 4th against formally establishing a Proteceorate over Egypt. LATER NEWS. A COMMITTEE of nfty marchod to the house of Orrin A. Carpenter at Lincoln, 111., on the evening of the öth and presented rêsolutions inviting him to quit the county. Carpenter ref used to aocept the document, saying they had no authority to pass the rosolutious, and that his future course would be governed by his own disoretion. The committee then retired, no disorder or violence being tnanifested. A Texas Pacific train was wrecked near Cisco, Tex., on the morning of the öth, the baggage car and three coaches tumbling down an embankraent. teven persons were killed and many others were injured. John Jat Knox, Comptroller of the Currency, placed his resignation in the hands of President Arthur on the Cth, and would soon take control of a New York banking house. At Petersburg, Ky., early the other I morning Freiburg & Workum's distillery and a largo quantity of corn and whisky in process of manufacture were dostroyed by fire. Eight hundred head of cattle were also roasted to death. Lns?, $133,000. Thhke boys, the sous of Cinciunati business men, while out driving a few evenings ago were killed by a locomotiva at a railway crosaing. The tug Peter Smith exploded her boiler off Vermillion, O., on Lake Erie, on the 6th, killing; John Perew and John Cado, engineers, and Captain Smith, of th schoouer Sherman, who was on a pleasura trip. It was ascertained on the 6th that one hundred and twenty-nlne persons perished by the recent wreek of the Daniel Steinmann off Sambro Island, N. S. The ship sunk immediately upon striking the ledge, and the passengors, who had been summoned to the deck by the Captain, wera swept away by the mountainous waves. The Georgia Democratie Convention to select delegates to the National Convention has been called for June 18, in Atlanta, and the convention to nomínate State ofücers and Presideutial Eleotors for August 13. It was announced on the 6th that cholera had made its appearance in Cocliiu China. Precautions against its spread were being , take. A mix was passed in the United States Senate on the 5th making it a felony to pretend to bean officer or employé of th üovermnent. The Educatiou bül was ' bated, and sevoral ainondnients were offered and lost, after which it was decided i to dispose of the bill on the 7th. In the House the Agricultural Appropriation bill was passed, with an ameudment ing by $25,000 the appropriation for th j distribution of seeds and planta. Amend' ments by the Senate to the House bill making it a felony to personate a Oovernment oflicer or employé were concurred in 1


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