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THAT DON'T LIE. 1 . TheRya' Baking Powder Co. try to glve the inferonce that their powder con„sniíire reain Tartar and Mint its l.nn enins Power Is frreater than .„".' lier made, hp stated In tlieir ailvertiseinei.t on tlie " Comparative Worth of B kine Powder," exliihited by blaek line. Onr namo was mentioned in connectin'n wilh one of 'ur cheaper branda, made of different material as the trade Qllght leminii Our Creain Tartar brand of AndrewN learl was oinitted. evidentiy a very rood reason, jndsrinjr from tlle relative nierlls of Andkew's "Pbarl" and llie Boyal, hs cleaily ciem'ingtrHted by the Oovermnent Chemist, Dr. Peter Coi.i.ieh f tli'e Department of Agricultiire, at Wnsliinrton, from Siiinile rectived liv him trom deüli-rs who furnlshed the samples trom their stocks on i.anü In open market. sV"' DR. COLLIERS' ANALYSIS ernnieut Chemist Collier. _, U. K. Dept of Aohicvlturk. i f J r_ Washington D. C, March lu, 1883. f C. E. Andrews & Co.- Gentlemen : I received by express from Pho. Lydn and J. P, Harking & Co., "" Lfe, Grall(l Ave., Milwankee. and Harper Bros., Chlea M mm uOj JU ) gainpleë of Andrews' Pearl and Roynl BakU I I nr Powders. The cans were in good oonditlon (L I I when received and the seáis unbroken. I find upon j. ¦ ¦ ai.alysis that Andrewë' Fearl B iking p.iwder c"n Ö ¦ B r.iins abmit fonr and a hal (l'.) per cent. more , IÖMH m B LTeain lanar thnn the - 1 Bakinjr Pnwder. 1,1 I nd m proporiio alfly largor pcrceniase I I ft fll I ' ¦:""'¦ ac-ll gH, and I liod it to le H I i'roiu aluin, and any injiirioiis sub1,1 I i anees. I z 1 Sincerely jours, I I PETER COLLIER, Ut P ÍC ï$ 8 Chemist, Dept of Ajiicul ure. GütoeiiI CteslCollier's Anrlysis as to the Leavemng Qnalities. andrews' pearlBbbbbbbbbbbjhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbi ROYAL WiHi#i- I No wonder the Rval O. wnltted Andrews' Pearl from their Comparative as G vèrnme, t ( hemist C'ollierV nnalysis shows concluMvely twn ihlDRS: Ut Th" Andr-w-' Pearl contáis ...or (ream Tarlar than the Roval. as „J, hvu'è.'utsahov,.; 2.i. That the l..ave..i.,S Pwemt Andrews' Pearl is greaier than the K..yal, as shown by the two bluck l.nes above. CHALI.EXTC&. by the only pinulne Co .is-ioned Government chemist, such as the Rojal Co. ricver hn pub.iah.-d. Tv It. c E Al%lfBlsTlr!, A co.7 287. 28!) & 201 E. W.-ter St.. Milwankee. 45 Mieliigan Are., Chicago. _


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