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RpYAlíS&í$J B akiH6 POWDER Absolutely Pure. This pnwdrr never varíes. A marvel of purtty.Ktrengthanri wholesomeness. Moreeoouoniw-Hl tliH.11 the ordinary kinds, and oannot b s ld in i-onr etltinn with the multitude ot low lest. tao t welght alum or phosplinte P"W(U'rs. Noldonly n can Huyal [íakinü Powiieh Co., l(Xi Wall KI. N. Y. 0fh (uticura iNá 1 POSITIVECÜRE ÈSfiO' SKIN&BLOOD J%ÊÊkz' disease. v V PIMPLES toSCSOFOlA po C KHK THR SKIN, S-alp. nrt Blo' dof L ItchinL', So.nly. l'imply, Coppir Uiiinred, Sciofulou, Inhcritd, anti Cnntafrioui Humorn, B ttod Pola 'iii-, Ulct-r, AMBce-wes, and Ininntile Skiu Tortures, ('u icuru Rtm dieö are infallible. Cutlcnra Resolveiit, thö new BI iod Pnriü-r, Li i'ii-.and A)üi ei.i, exp 1h di(e;iie pf rnia Ironi the blo d and peropiratlon, and ttius removes he ¦ anse. Cuticum, t1' ¦ üie.t Skin Cure, iiictant ly atta.YB ltctiinr and li il inim.i ion, clears the Skin lid Scalp, tieali Ulcers nd S.irer", restnrei the Oomp exioii, Unticura soip an exqnieite ökln Buaui Hit iid T-iilet R quiiie. is ïudixpi-ncable in lp atiüL'i'kin di-cas' , and for roiivh, chapped ut greacy f kin, llakh arts, hloic'ii-n. and haby humor:. Catlcurtt Hemedien the OLly iufjllible hlood pur llern and skin oeautitler?. Charlen Houghton ï Sf.. lawver, 28 SUt Street, üiwtou, te .on a case ui -alt hhenm uüder hig oiiihtvu Ion fur leu v'are, which covereit the patientV hody and limb?. anil to whicnallknown meihods of iré imenr tai heen applie 1 without beu" fit, wh'di was compleiely cur. d solely hv ;- Mr. and Mrs. Kir.ret steftbins, Be.char iii -!,hb: Our IL iu i.oy w t-rnbly al.cteó wiib ücroiula, S.liTthmm, and Erysipelas :ve bewas bun, ud nuthinti wee uld eive lim heluvd iiim üiitii wsirtad Ciuicura K. medies, vhich L-radiia ly cuied him, uniil ue is nu a lair ia Biiy cln d II. K Carpenter, llenderêou. N. Y., cnreü ii Piunasia uc Lu .r. s , ol tweuty ear'i-unlini', y Caikura K ni.die,. i he mosi wonderful care mrecu.d. A duítpanral f fcules teil Irom hun lailv PbïBlclana ua.i hls friendn thooaht He mu.-t iSr'OnwJwom to beore a of the peace ind Hi-iidi-rsiuiV roojt nrcmiin'Ut ci"z-n. Mr. S. E. Wblpple, Decatar,, writee thHi ni-i ï.uau, .i1 "in: parts ol her body XeBb'n 'riw " il.d c.vcred wlth ,cabe ,.w "¦. Suff:red fearfully a ,1 tned everylbin. Perma-e u cu.ed bj tüe Cuticura Remedien Irom T!d "Uv'n"u" aniWl-t. Cuticora, 60 cents ; H8oivH"t.l00: soap, 25 r.,nt-. Fut er mug and Ijhemlcai -o. Billón, Mass. Seiid lor ¦ Huw to Cl RE Skin Disíases. CATARRH i Sanford's Radical Cure, The Great Ealsamic Distillation of WltchHazel, American Pine, Canadian Fir, Marigoia, Clover Blossoms, Etc. WBËgm ruitMiOAL Co., Boston. F;TSÑiül hrpúsüTmth'rlU. Soldeverywhere. iimimiff iiiiiiiiiMi "" terSksT SmoUuV Tobkcco ever made. ' sÜBSCiüBOlFirCÜüRlEB


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