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James S. Gorman has been appointed census enumerator lor Lyndmi, and H. A. Smlth and John Cook, the enumerators for tjylvan. Artliur G. Lyon, of Aim Albor township, has forworded 400 bnsliels of coni, selected and tested r'rom different corncribs, to the Clinton county farmers, whose crops weredaruaged laat fall by tue fTOft. - CoEutncicial. Referring to the succcss of Mr. Sayles in Ypsilanti the Ooramerclal says: "During hls two wetks stay over a liundred took a step and ente red u)ii a new lite, onewhich if poreeTered In tiiey wU never regiet in time or etcrnity.1' CHELSKA Frora the Herald Wliile skating at the rink last Satnrdíiy t'vening in what is called the "Gmnd March,1' Mrs. Geo. Irwm luid the misfortune to slip and fall, bre.-iking eft wrist in a very bail inanner Mis. Irwin was at once cnveyed to Di". Sliaw's residence, wbere ber injuries were attended to and berself made as coniforuble as possible. Mrs. Irwin has tlie synipatliy of the community. MANCHBSTEK. From thv Enterprise. The 8outliern Washtenaw slicep breeders' and wool growerr' animal slieariiift festival will be held at the Lutheran chuich fthfd, on the 28ih. The Woni-ni's ('hiixtian Temperanoe Union of this eoBgretwloaal district will holii tlirir animal uieclin in thb place, at tlic Preíliyteriaii chuich, Tunsdaj and Wediienday.'April 29iU nlld HOth. Prominent speaker areexjierted to be present. While assiílinjc in lawli'g pickets on the tarín of John J. RobÍBOD, in íSliuroii, on Thuiday las:, Eluier Bowers held a brief interview with n tiz saw. liuzz s.iws have hut little cbailly wlien thf y begin to luim, and the result was Blmer lelt the end oí nvu Itugfi-s of liis riulit IihikI witli the saw, as mementos of the interview. Tlie accident i a pHinful one and will cripple hiin fol some time, alttiough happily not lor Ufe, as buzz saws have a propensity tor doing. A barn lielonging to Cliailes Ulil, near Charles Dickeraon's n BrldgewattT, was burned, together with its contents, consistinfr of 7 tons ol hay, 100 buslieU of wheat, 125 bushels of oats, a reaper and tnower, hay rake, etc, about noon on Sunday. The loss Is estimattd at about $800. The bain was insined in the Wwhtenaw Germán Company for $400. Some children wlio had been phiying at the rtraw stacK are aio 10 ii„Tt, iUn itito the tVMbf AHfc' nfoEW'i.tJieir parents tliat tlie burn, and it is Buppoed tlmt they were cooking eggs and set tire to the straw. SALINE. From the Observer. J. H. Bortle lias a fine tame 'western coyote, a carnivorous animal, nul sonieUuie called a prairie wolf. It seeins to atrract nmcli aWeotlon from the boys, as it seems pertectly bárrales. Mrs. Kelsey. nn aged lady living in York townsbip, niet witli very severe accident on Sundiiy. As she was going down the cellar stairs on au erratid Am slippedaml teil, breaklng both bones of the left leg three or tour inches above the ankle. Dr. Nichols was suinmoiied and the lady is tloing nicely. On Friday last aix of our citizens and local sports, in a BlxdcWte dearee, mimely Cone Warner, E. 1'. Harp.-r, Milton Clark, E. K. Aldiich, 8. U. VanDuzer and C C. Laahler, with Eu-ene Bassett, of Ypsilanti, toffctherconveyedfnuu Atm Arb.'r 25,000 vouug lake tnmi and ilep..ileil tl m in Ai nokl's UUe ; and al-o ,- 000 in Hyt'ö "'II pond. These jr.mng trout, H few weeks old, wcre s.-cured fn.ui the State hatchery at Nortliville. In a 3w weeks these gentlemen expeot to teceive about 1,000 brook tront for the vanous rtreams near hero. In three or f..ur yeais from ion there will unqueslionatily be home öne flhing lieieaway. YI'ölkAr 11 Our ndglihorlng city is io have a Welsh and Shetland pony livery aud sale stable opeiicd about May 1. From the Commercial. Harry Sayles, the evrfiijHlat, clo.ed a senes ot revival me. tings have beeü very ti.ll.V att-nd.d, o M- - ,lay nlght. I lie y.mng .-xh ,rlt-r wou the H.lmiraiio" of, and c.eated a decided seu-atioii in our ci'yBurKbrenteredD.1vis&Co.'st-at8ide an.cery Wt-di.eHlay niln, u.cee.led r,rtting away witl, .. lm Ie 1-ose olmi Tlif-y hHl evident ly par.ked up a lol ot ZmWIQ takr, but l.MHg dovvu to Hepp mM have foüud d..-n to.. near on awakening, fo. the packc waS lett bebii.d. The thievea are stUI t work. Last Monlay i.lli'W, Uth, the res., o MrDani.-, Murphy wa e,t.;,ed and .ansKCked. 813O.UO ... S1" cl.ecks of deuwU (wo.lli trom 100 to fleíuebTcks.oop.wl.icl, Mr.M. ident.üe „ ,vl..g een somewhere, bÓiJwjMg n-call the man who wore lfc f? were inimediately ordered iiot to be pHIO, To the áclual loSwill prob ,by amount lo about $160. Man 8 a foo!, and gets lettevery time he obstinately refuses to raoogolze the fact Nature had pre-empl.on nghts on this ion befbre he carne here. Grasa was (twen Uwnwands of years before white punto were vrorn, yetevery year skepticai men deflantíy wear the.n to the picnic. , . , "Waker, wlurt ta the mark ou tlie side of my pie?" y' wiy wrtai"1}'8ir Thatmarksirf That is the print of my thumb, sir. Jast had my thumb in chocolate srved the other gent, sir. Meant to have called your stténtion to it before, sir. Cul it out for you, air?" " My case is just here," said a citizen to aUwyer; the plHlnilffwlll.wear that I hit him. I Will swearthat I did not. Now whatcDyclawyersniakeoutof tl.a f we goto trial?" " A hundred dollars, easy," wa tlie rep'yThe servantgirl iiirt -with the f,m ' ly ou their summer yaoatjoii, or bhe 1 , make a row.


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