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Over half oí the rtelrgates to ilie Nat...

Over half oí the rtelrgates to ilie Nat... image
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Over half oí the rtelrgates to ilie Nationul CoDVantlon titive heen pliown, ml sofarthe tight stands bfttween Artlnir, Blaine -nul Eámuuds, wlth the President leadlng. He has tbt; mujority of the delégales In Alahama, Arkansas, 6eorgla Kentuckv, Loiusi:iiiii, Missouri, New J'', New roi'k, South Carolina and Tunneweë, IIU streiijtni i iiicrfHsin";, and it is generally conceded tlmt Arthur and Ltnoolu wuuld makea good ticket to carry the country. It at a ear ugo duit the roiiiiuunity wa sliocked by the death ot' Dr. Cocker, the man whose place bas not jet btteii filled, nor indeed eau it evw be, either iü the Uuiversity, the cuurch, the city or the State. The influente of that grand life will not decrease among the friunds and lovers of the pure and holy man. It ia pilent now, nuvertheless IiU foruitr students the world around drop a Usar uver lus Dieinory and go to tiht the battlcB ol lite more bravely for nis precepts.


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