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We take pleasure in announciiig tliis week au entertainment whieh is in pnparalion by tüe post of the G. A. R. at tliis polut, for the purpose chittly of providing funda for meetiiir the expenses ot' Decoratlon üay. Tlie dttte lixed for tlin i entmaiimieut is May l)th, at the Uranc I Opera House. It will consist of :m ail; dress of wetoonte, a address n explana tion of tlie purpowi of t ie G. A. Ií., ; abolí! whtcli orjfaiiizatioH Hiere seems te : sonic m-uii(ler-taii(IIng, a two-nct rep rPMOtntlon ot army soeues. prepared by i Captain Chas. FI., tableaux, etc. i The tirst acl ot the uriny scènes consists of a sceuo in a Confedérate encampnient in front of Xashville, where preparation la beiii-f inatle for an attack on th Union pickets. The weond act reprenta tiie L" ilion caiiip nnd outer postt, fie HtUck of tlie eni'inv. nuil the smreiuler of tlie Confedérate troop. The act oloaes with a sword exerclte between nfflcei trom the two annies. At ililferent poluta tliroiihout the incidents spoken of Confedérate and Union sonjjw ivill be ronderi'(. The exbibition drill will be partirlpited iu by the military conipany here The wbole reiireentation will be put on tlie otage so as to mak it as realistic na popsible. The inuslc of the evening is in charle of Prof. Wilsey. Interaponed tliroiijíh the evenin -'s program quite a nuniber of tableaux will bo given, ainonv others, one re present, ing Soutliern rctugees flyif to the nortu. carryinjr all the eflects vvitli tliem. Amither ivlll repri sent the surreiuler of a Confedérate to Union offleer ut the oloae of the war, tb rebel offluer, at the feet oí' hia conquere: is in the act of risiiig, and at one sitie i % contrabatid flieed frotn hls shackles The entertainment throughoutpromleet ry pleaMDt evenin. In the play re fenecí to the forcea are is follows: Com raander of Confedérate forces, C. 11 Manly; adjutant, Frederick Pistorius chaphtin, Josepb Price; orderly, Pat.rick Itwin; bugler, W. H. Jackson; captain, J. II. Stark; eargeant, Wm. Camplon ; corporal, Thos. Kearns; prívales, Wm. Fisher, M. Donahue, J. IÍ. Saundere, Conrad Nol], J. W. Htohardsou, Isaac Greenman, Chris Schuinachor, Abraham Cocoran, and Stephen Moore. S. B. Rtvenauxh is commander of the Union forcea, to be selected from Compauy A. At the Concord School of Ph liosophy it has been decided tliat "the coniciousness of the efto is Identical with the icitte absorption of the actuality.'" Now that the poiut is decided we want to Ifiiow whether it is better fried or cut In;o nucen and eaten like wateroiolon.


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