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- Mrs. Louisa S. Vaught, of Freehold, N. J., who died recently, left $70,000 to a number oí evangelical socleties. - George and William Elara. oí Morgan County, Ky., are covered with j seales like alligators.- Chicago Ikrald. - A portrait of Wondoll Phillips wiü be painted for Faneuil Hall, Boston, bui Mrs. Phillips objects to the ereotion of a ütatue.- Boston Journal. - Annie E. Fisher, M. D., who is a pretty brunetle under twenty-five years of ago, has been elected Viee-P resident of the Massachusettfi Homeopathio Society. - Uoston World. - Ex-Congressman Bridges, of Lehigh. Pa., who died recently, left a will, giving his widow f300,000. one of his sisters twenty dollars and the other five dollars. He had no children. - PMsburgh Post. - N. T. Bullock, of Dallas, Ga., has lost threo daughters this winter by elopement. ïiiey jumped frora secdndstory windows. One reniaining daughter is said to have a far-away look. - Chicago Ocean. - Miss hva Mackay, daughter of the Bonanza kiug, is at the head of a .society of young ladies who go about doing what good they can among the worthy and duserving poor of Pans. Itis a society that has abundant linancial capital. - Chicago Tribune. - Vinnie-Ream Hoxie models clay, chisels marble, plays the harp and holds babies charmingly. Aftor showing visitors her h'nest works of art she says: "Now I'll show you something that is uot only true to life, but life itself. Then ahe bnngs out that baby. - N. Y. Herald. - Judge Albert M. Chadwick, who dropped dead in Omaha recenly was a young man of great promise. Although but thirly yv;ara of age 1 had bein on the bencli four years. He was tue son of Üie late Hon. A. G. Chadwick, of St. Johnsbury, Vt., who was for many years prominent in Vermout politics. - Chicago Journal. - The recent mortality in the rich Paoker family, of Pennsylvania, ís reruarkable. The three poasessors of an astato of soine $8,000,()OÜ have followed ach other to the grave in about two years. The father died of oíd age in 18X2; the eider son, Robort, died unexpectedly in Florida last year, and now the second son has gone quit as suddenly. The two sons leave wealthy widow.s. - Philadelphia Press. - Hcnrv George, tho Socialistic author, whose nifvocacy of the abolition of landownership is creating some excilemeut in England at present, is now forty-Hve years of age, and began life as a printer. Afterward he became a sailor, then a reporter on the Sacramento Record, next owner of the San Francisco l'ost. and later he took to lecturing. His wife is a lady of Irish psrontage and


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