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The time for moving is here. Roller skating rink opens this week Saturday. Census enumerators for the city will be appointed Monday night. Everybody "takes in" M. C. Peterson's house of colors, as they pass by. Evart H. Scott has been appointed census enumerator for Ann Arbor town. Mrs. F. Rentschler presented her husband with a pair of twins, boys, Saturday last. Quite a large number went to Ypsilanti from here last night to attend the oratorio. In the case of Frank E. Loree vs Cora Loree, divorce, a decree was granted Monday. Collision of two buggies in front of Fall & Hendrick's, Monday, with slight damages. Farmers generally are sowing their oats now, the ground being In a very good cor.Uiliou. Second edltioo ot winter now-a-days, but biirei'oot was noticed on the streel ye.-tenlay. The old bill board so lonjc at the corner of Fourth and Liberty streeU has at laet iteii removed. The old jail square, with lts three uew iiouscs, presenta a very different appearance from the equare nf old. The circuit court convened Monday and after trat.ssictnig critain business, adjourned to Monday, tlie 28th. Tiiee sal idy on üivi-lon street who kus worn a pair of ear riniis without taking tliein off fiir over thi'ty years. The case of Thomas Hoban vs. Edward Hwtui, assault and battery, Is tried beiiiieJ ustice Fmeiufl' tliis afternoon. The piintinjr uffijts wen ferenaded Monday noon by the SsnexMBbian band, which knows well how to make good music. The Beethoven UntaugvereiD celébrate their fouith amiiveisiry next Monl;iv night. Invitations are out for their lriends. _ The official retui ii mi tlie jiiil vote has not vet been made to the county clerk from Salem. Somebody thould have a di romo. The May meeting of WiiBhtenaw Pmologicil Society. May 3. Topics: Underjrroiiiul [rriftailon, l'rospects of Fruit and Brrrics. Tuesday and Friilay evenings of each week the bieycle club will have a run and drill, weatlier O. K. They meet at the campus at 6:30 p. m. As if in prepararon for the new rink a number of young folks yesterday made use ni uie court house hall floors. Look out fot ttie deputy county clerk. The coniiiaint of EUroum] Ferris gainst Charles Stebbins, both of Dexter, tor assault and battery, comes up before Justice Drviinan on tta 2i)th iust. For thU evening, at eight o'clock, on .mi gtreet east, the marriage of Mr. Edward Rmwell hikI ,I-s Mggie Sweeney, both of this city, is aiinoiiiieed. T. Uie regret of nuny it s announced that Fr. W.dsh. of Detroit, cannot deliver liis leeture rhis eveninr on account of illness. It will be amiouncïd at a later (late. Harried tln foreuooa at the regidenci of Prof. Renwick. Mr. Q. M. D. Gregory, of Ulincis, nd Mi8 Ella B.iker, of tbt cty TUe brille is a sister of Mrs. Renwick. The death tilia raorning, on Liberty eet west, of Mrs. Barbara C. Allmendinger, widow of Geo. D. Allmendinger '8 "'Portee! ti, particulars come too e for publication thl week. We understand that the High School .. hare pKiti,,,,,,, lüe „penntawd. nt to.„b,i,tuteape.ker fro,„ „broad ''' "'e llMlal wement speeches by members of Ab''t f'-rty uf tl,e ü,l,l KeJl(lw, of()Ur excttoatten,! the anniversary celratio,, of the Mi,Hll 0JJ 1Iowg) B„x, "". a ci„ trai„ l,ei,,g „ A -'ll cunstil „tes a, ,:„t of the program. C'"'lucto, WB,lm t1B T„Iedo ,.oa(, 10"H a tumble one day last week over the Hnkment between High and Felch r. It lay tl.ere UU Sunday, when a ICe uf men put ' on the track aguln. Herbert Randall tavored us this ïnorn"g win, ;l fiag,.alt buncli of tiailins rJJlu j'ist arrivetl trom friends in Maa tt"MetUl We iire "tawar that the flowKfuws m,,,;!, „earer here than Muske. son. Breakey goes tlns week as a delewüieNntion] MeJIcal Awoclntlon J"d Hr-ul,!,,,,. He S;,y, be will "e anothw Ite.i. next week. The „,Cy ln lhe meantime is In expertJt''e l02'l ü. 8. (M1CMM.) colored InJ11K x tbeir rellni0" '" Ann Arbor, ï . and August 1. The members in ''''"ly meet Mondayi iight to make "gemenutoive the veterans a good invyñrTM,na Benlorin man for the Keck manufackni P„? mpa"y' got two fln of ""e V-ed h n"Ted Tlle wound wer y W. Kapp, and are doing well. Prof. Swing lectures here May 1st on "From the Useful to the Beautiful." As the roller skating rink is about to be opened the Evening News suggests a lecture on " From the Perpendicular to the Horizontal" would be timely and appreciated. Henry Williams, an employé at the Krapf planing mill, met with an accident last Friday forenoon. While working at one of the machines a board flew back and cut a gash in his forehead. Dr. Darling was called and dressed up the injury. A jolly second ward shoemaker has taken a business partner and the firm will read Conrad Noll & Son. The new member, though but two days old, and weighing only twelve pound, is by no means a silent partner. He will rote the Republican ticket. For the months of October, November and December, 1883, the closing quarter of last year, the board of prisoners at the jail amounted to $1,201.52 For the first quarter of 1884, January, February and March, the same amounted to $385.50. Some diflerence. In the petiüon of State Auditor General, Wm. C. Stevens, for the release of certain lauda from liability to sale for delinquent taxes, the same havinjf been paid a per statement of the county treaauier, ¦ deeree was granted. This is the flrst action of this nature, in this county, lu accordance with the new tax law. Mr. E. G. Stiles, the ajrent of the Van Depoele electric light company. is in the city in the interests of a better light than gas. If our busines men wlsh it, a company can be formed tn npeite tht ye. tem, which claims to furnish a safe, brilliant, steady and economical light. If forty lurnps are guaranteed the plant eau be made. There was an enthusiastic meeting last night of the Minaret Council of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Golden Gate. It is a new order recently instituted as the 3ñth degree, and ten initiates had it " hooped up" to them. They were John J. Robison, E. N. Gilbert, J E. Beal, H. T. Morton, Ed. Eberbach. Dr. Wilgon, Dr. Rose, N. S. Garlinghouse, T. Taylor, and T. DeForest. The following wore elected officers of the Ann Arbor Temperance Union, to serve three months, at the meeting held Wednesday eveninjr, April 16: President, John Schumacher; First Vice-President, Mrs. Lucy Burns; Second Vice-President,' Miss Esther McCollum ; Secretary, C. G. Cook ; Treasurer, Dr. T. P. Wilson; Chaplaiü, O. R. L. Crozier; Serjrt-at' Arms, Hiram Weeks; Ticket Agent, B. Morrison. This morning we had a call from Mr. S. B. Thompson, who can teil many interestinfr expeilences of the wars he has beenenrii!fed in. Bom in 1812 he took pa-t in the Patriot warof '37, theMexican of '46, the John Brown raid of '59, and the Rebellion of '63, sevcrely wounded at Hevney Uil], S. C, for which he diaws a pension He also has had time to be witli Livingstone on his trip through the " Dal Continent." Such an eventful life one rarely ha time or opportunity to live. In our iMinblt'H this moriiing we ran across the following, whieh, we take self-explanatory:- To the janitor of the Hamilton Block: We, the unclersi"rned,in tender consideration of your faithful performance of your many and arduous duties, and particularly your dutiesot'firin up and swet-phifr down, hereby joinlly and severally proinise and ajrree to present you wilh ¦ guit.ible inedal as soon as the duty is taken off leather: M. H Brennan, Krank Oliver, F. P. Lombard, R. R. Billinjrton, T. Y. Kayne, C. J. Reul, Geo. P. Staueh, F red. Sctiulz, G. E. Jenking. Thos. A. McCann, O. B. Church, H. Kittredge. Friday we had the unusual pleasure of attending a wedding where the parties had been engxged over 25 yearg ago. The friends and relatives of Mr. G. A.. Peters, of Scio, assembled to the number of about seventy-fiye at his house to celébrate the silver wedding of himself Hiid wife. Reraarks appropriate lo the occasion were made by J. W. Wing, H. D. Platt, of Ypsilanti, H. H. Peters of Detroit, mid their friendly conpratulation were (celiiijrly replieJ to by Mr. Peters He 8poke of the early day and of having been on his fura during the quarter century of married life, closing with word of advice to the young. The preeents were numerous and custly. Dr. Georfre. as health offioer. submitted his annual report Iaat week for the year ending March 81, 1884. There were 94 deatlis as followg : Inflammation ol the bra in 2, congestión of the brain 1, acute hydrocephalous 1, membrnous croup 3, inflimmation of lunfrs 4, coneumption 12, congestión of lungs 1, heart disease 7, fatty dexeneration of heart 1, inflummation of bowels 4. infantile diarrhea 8, cholera infantum 1, disease of liver 4. atrophy of liver 1, fatty dejreneration of liver I, Brlght's clisi:ase 4, ovarían abscess 1, paialysis 2, convulsiona 2. accident 4, premature birtli 1, typhoid feverl, scarlet fever 1, diphtheria I, oíd age and debiüty 13, unknown.most children undi-r 5 yeai 13. The death rate is a fraction less than one per cent. of population.