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A. L. Noble in Whitlark, Ga. O. C. Jenklns was In Saline Sunday. Mis. Paul Mtnnll ia vlsitiDjí in Chelsea Dr. Darling went down to YpUkntl last evening. James W. Robison made a trip to Milford, Mouday. Evart H. Boctt and futlier were in Toledo yesterday. L. W. Jame, of Saiatoga, was in the city last week Friday. G. M D. Gregory, of Illinois, is the guestof Prof. Kenwick. Miss Berince Upson is visiting Miss Canie heeler, of Saline. E. H. Hurison, of the Cook, gpent Sunday in Lanaing with liis fatlier. Kev. Mr. Swaln, baptist, of Bad Are, is in the city for tieatmcnt of bis cyes. Heidman, Oliio, Is" visitinif her brother, Dr. W. J. Hudinu, and fainily. Mr. L. J. Taylor, of 17 Church street, paid a ilion visit h.,me last week fiotu Dakota. Mrs. W. J. Heidman and Miss Herdraiiu went down to Toledo the latter part of last week. Kev. W j llys Hall was tenclered a hearty , reception last Sunday by his new parish at Marquette. Miss Margaret Sinclair, of Detroit, paid a Sshort visit to Miss eedx, on State street, last week. Mrs. J. E. Field, of Alpena, ig in town Tislting. She carne down ou the flrst boat through the ice. Herbert Lindsley, of Saline, has accepted a position as book-keeper for the Keek manufacturing company. Harry Morse returned from Alpena yesterday bringiiijf with hiiu three line carriage and saddle horses. John C. Mead and John Geddes have been chosen members of the Census Board of Review for Ann Arbor town. Mr. E. N. Skinner, secretary of the Hillsdale Life Insurance Co., is n the city lookiug after the interests of the company. John McDevitt, an attorney of Jackson, was in the city yesterday. Mr. McDevitt is a Hamburg boy, and a gradúate of the law department. Ferd Blis, assistant teller in the bank of A. Ives and Sons, of Detroit, was about town Sunday calling on hig manj fiiends aud relatives. Frank N. Moslier, for some time with H. J. Brown & Co., of this city, left Monday to accept a position with Farraud, Williams & Co., Detroit. Mr. S. WilUrd Beakeg, Westorville, O., carne up Saturday evening to spend a few days with his aunt, Mis. Judge Beakes He returned this uiorning. George Bliae was home from Jackson Friday night for a short visit to his parent. He is doing well in the Michigan Central offices at Jackson. J. W. Jenks, of Sand Beach, is In the city to-day. He leavi s this tvening for Grand ltnpids as a delégate from his county to the conventiou to-moriovv. C. R. Pattison, of the Ypsilanti raereiai, and Wm. Emmert, of the Chelsea i Herald, called last Thursday wliilein tlie I city as Uelegates to tlie county eonyeni tlon. i Mrs. Green and daughter, Mrs. Han nan, will move into Detroit next week. Mr. Green will remiin here tor a time to oversee the etutngps iu the building on 1 the Ann stn-et propmty. ' Mrs. H. W. Hogers and Mr. and Mrs. Evans sail for Europe early in M;iy. Mr. Evans goes for hit health. Mis. Rogert expects to return in the lall, Mr. and Mr. Evans possibly remninin later. Mis. S. S. Blitz, of Huron street west, who has been visiting rel.iti ves and frieuds iu Detroit ftr several weeks, returns today. Tiieir lesidence has been uudergoing dccoiative chacges at the hands of Air. Randall iu her absence. David Steeie, the father of Prof. J. B. Steere, is now living witli kim, and it is au inteieátiiig thing to note what a strong resem blance he bears to the late Dr. B. F. Cocker. Tbere are nearly the same features, witli hair and beard white, as were tlie Dr.'s( and triutmed like his were in the jfood old time when he was among men. Bulh families were from Yorkshire in Englaud, aod there was a posslble conuectiou between theiu.


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