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BACH A ASEL'S COLUMN. We have in stock tbis week, 500 pieces Ottomau Ribbons in all the desirable shapes at ten and flfteen cents per yard. Bach & Abel. We have gome very nice Cashmeres at 4.2, 50 and 00 cents. If you want a cuslimere dress, we are headquarlers for these goods. Bach & Abel. It would seein that no lady need be without a Black Silk Dress this spring, unless alie waits until this sutpiising urchase ig gone. We have on sale this week two numbers of Black Silks at $1.25 and $1.50, the best value ever shown ii any city at the prioe. A good body and color, close woven, and with more wear in thein than many silks sold for doublé the money. Bach & Abel. New Spring Hosiery now on exhibition at Bach & Abol's. Ladies are auiazed at the prices when they visit our Ladies' Underwear Department, and see our elegant White Muslin and Caniblic Sklrta, Oheuies, Draweis, Night Dresses, Corset Covers and Infant's Ward robes, it does not seem possible that they could be made for the money. Bach & Abel. We place on sale this week the finest line of new black goods ever shown in An n Arbor, consistingof Drap D'Alma's, Armures, Cashmeres, Tricots, Ottomans, Henriettas, Barytheas, and Satina. We would like the privilege of showing them. Bacii & Abel. Kew Laces, New Ruchings, New Neckwear, New Collars and New Buttons, now on sale at Bach & Abel's. We will give you thi week the best Black Jersey you ever have seen, at the low price of $2.00, all wool. Come and try thein on ff you don't want to buy. Bach & Abel. Ij Matrimony is said to be a lottery, but i up to the hour of fjoing to press no law has been enucted prohibiüng the use 01 the males. KLT A Thing of Beauty. The mos . brilliant si i ad es possible on all fabrics ar . made by the Diamond Dyes. Unequallei for brilliaucy and durability. 10c. a 1 drngftists. öend 2c. for 32 Sample Colors Wells, Richardsou & Co., Burlington.Vt i Two or three weeks' vacation spent a a faun house is a great thing for au over worked business man. It so reconcilt him to nis üfe in thn city. l Paralysis, Jiitie Years. "After having suifered for 9 years with paraly88," says Mr. Joseph Yate9, o , Peterson N. Jersey, '[ was cured by S:i maritan Nervine." Mr. Yates authorize thij statement. Your druggist keeps it $1.50. "In what condilion was the patriarcl Job at the end of his life?" asked the Sunday school teacher. " Dead," calmly responded the American boy. Epilepgy Entirelj Cured. Prof. living B. Smith, of Pike, N. Y. makes the f olio wing statement: "Samuritan Nervine hae entlrely cured me of ep ileptic fits." Professor: " II' you attenipt to squeeze any solid body, it will always resist pressure." Class smiles, and recites examples of exceptions which prove the rule. Hood's Sarsaparrilla is an extract oi the best remedies of the vegetable kingdom known as alteratives, and blood puriliers. They say in St. Louis that when a Brooklyii man registers at a hotel there the clerk at once rings the bell and telU a boy to "show this gentleman to the bar." My Wife's Xervous Affectlon. "We had ceased to hope tliat my wife's nervous affuction could be cured," writes Rev. J. A. Eddie, of Beaver, Pa. "Many physicians failed to do her good, but Samaritan Nervine bas cured her. At tlruggists. Only a couple out for a walk; Only a lot of foolish love talk; Ouly a sinall boy, ouly a hose; Qnly two spoon8 With water-soaked clothes. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally. It acta directly upon the blood and the nuicou.s surfaces of the systeiu. Price 75c. For sale by Eberbach & öon. " Why do you cali a 8tupd person a stick?" asked Rollo, one day. And his fat her said lie didn't know, unless it was because oue end was of no more account tlian the other. Neuralgia and Slck Headacbe. ín Aurora, 111., lives Mr. Wiu. Henson. Slie saya: "íamaritan Nervine cured me oí' neuralgia, vértigo aitd sick lieadache." A Wlsconsin mau was killed by a cyclone because he woukln't go down in the cellar, but insisted on remaining above jround to enjoy seeing his neighbor's new barn blown to flinders. Cause or Failure. Want of confidence accounts for half of tiie business failures of to-day. Eberl.-ii-li & Son, the HniiíuiMs is uot Liable to lail for tlie want ot confidence in Or. lio.-anku". Cough and Lung Syrup, tor he gives away a bottle fiee to aü wlio are suflering wlth Coii};li8, Colds, Asthma, OousomptioB and all nflections of the Throat and Lungs. "Buchupaiba." Qulck, complete, cures all annoying Kidney, Bladder and Urinary Diseases. $1. Drujtgist. The Wall Street sandwich - bull on one de. bear on tlie other, and a little lamb in the niiddle. If Catarrh has destroyed your seuse of smell and hearing, Hall's Oalarrh Cute will cure you. 75 cents per bottle. tjold by ICberbach fc Son. Despite the name, metuiuks it will be seen. "Grass widows," us a rule, are far from "green."


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