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Two-thirdsof the suinmer is now nearly over, and the wise {rirl who expectstogel marrled n the fall will take all the advantage possible of the short time remaining of the ice-cream season. Don't Tou Do It. Don't suffer any longer with the pains and aches of Rheumatism, which make üfe a burdeu to you. Relief, speedy and permanent, can be procured at the nearest drug store, in the form of KidneyWort. Elbridfje Malcolra, of West Bath, Malne, says: " I was completely prostrated with Rheuinatism and Kiduey troubles and was not expected to recover. The first dose of Kidney Wort helped me. Six doses put me on niy feet. It has now entirely cured me, aud I have had no trouble since." " How is it there is so much sicknpssin the village?" asked tlie city guest. "Fact is,'' replied tlie landlord, "we haven't any board of healtli here.'1 " 80 I perceive," said the city guest, playlng abitractedly with his fried steak. Skiiuiv Men. "Wells' Health Iienewer" restores health and vigor, cures Dyspepsia, Impotence, Sexual Debility. $1. Adam is said to be the only man who never tantalized his wife about the way is mother used to cook. $100 It e war cl. Isoffered for any case of Catarrh that can't be cured with' Hali's CaUrih Cure. Taken internally. Price 75 cents. Sold )y Eberbaeh & Son. Don't forget to pnrehase a return ticket wlien you go on your vacation. It may come handy toget back with. Extreme Tired Feeling. A lady tells us "tlie fli-st bottle has done my daughter a great deal of good, lier 'ood does not distress her now. nor does he suffer from tliat extreme tired feeling vhicli she dld bet'ore takinr Hood's Sarapariüa " A second bottle effected a j ure. Nootlier preparation containssuch a concentration of vitalizing, enricliing, mrifyinjr and invigorating properties as Iood' Sarmpnirilla, Sale of State TaxLands Auditor Generai.'s Offick, ) Laksino, Micuioin. ilarch 25, 1881. ƒ Notlce Is hereby gtven tlmt certatn landn ituateü In tlie county of Wiishtenaw, bid off o tlie Slate lor laxes of !tWU and prevlous ¦earK, and desciibed In a list 10 be forwa iled o the office of the Treasure of sald county, Yil be otFered lorHaie at publlcauctlon to llie ïlghest bidder, bv sald Treasurer, on the flrst MondHy of May next. t the Oounty Treanurr'sofflee. in the city of Ann Arbor, in said ount.v of Waxhtenaw (beiriK the time aod ' lacedelgnated lor llie ordlnary Ta Hles). ¦ f not previously dinposed of at thls office acording 10 law. Tlie list may be seen on apHcHtion al the office of the County Treasurr, afier It is received by hlm. The lands will i eoflered subject to the purchase of the State's Itle at thls office prior to the sale in the ounty. W1LLIAM O. STEVENS, 1189-83 Auditor General. ' CHAMPION CABINET CREAMERY __________r__ Anardod Milvrr EZZ Ï-T M-'11 í Provincial ( llf . Ú KlratPremlumand ( m,i!tX!irtJE'it''? al.ToroLtoInrtuBtrialEri 'ZU liibition. Toronto, J BfCBf-1 f1 r"-'ni a he' tember, 1883 Hl 1 J'a-i taken the flrst B?M AMW'-'jMl I mhnnattht'SUte Faire In l ] II 6tate. Kaisea the most TJBl cream with least labor. JÍ ¦" """ Bj Makos tliiï bfat battr. - v Is made of the beet maerlal A irreat nntnber In nt.e. AH slzrs for . oriet or dalrlee. bead for Dltutrated Clrculart. tlry IiniUvnvut Cv., Bellowa Fulla, Va. j


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