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loXls Aun ArlMir ii ii. T. K. B. LOCAL TIMK TABLB. 6olu)c Intn ftii-ci Suoilaj, Fb. 10, 1884. Train run by Central Time, gOJN'G NRTH. GmINQ SOUTH. i _: 'rlK-ï a óS STATIONS. -L m V-& - ' f-& -i IP.M I .M F. ó 40 7 BS Toledo 9 Sü 1 68 5 45 7 H Matihatten .lanctlor 9 26 4 4b 5 53 7 23 Alexis Juucllon HIB18 8 02 7 3 Hkw 11 me ,9 1U'4 3(l . 10 7 10 fam-i.ia i Itt I 22 t 25 8 Oli Lulu J7 4 01 9 ÍB X 16 Mnnrne Juuction S tóï 5!l i ! : 8 :w liuMdve 8 su. i GO II ;,-,, 8 4d Alalia S üu3 40 7 W i 8l Mllnn .liiüotlon 6 o.i 3 2-5 ioi 0 iwl a m.) 2 T li: U9 Moia ; üV 3 17 7 22 fl 22 Urania , , Í 10 7 82 9 82 PliKificld JuTiciion - .„ 8 ui 7 5 9 501 urn ArbiT i , '2 4 8 03 10 lól Lcland 7 "a o 8 II 10 24 1 WoMon 7 (1612 25 M aSJIQ ajjl Son M on t) 5l2 li' CoDnectlODK ÁTTui. do, uitn rulron snveriiint;; at . mibxt'an JuiiftluD, wiih WheelinR & Laki Erie K. R.: at Aliïia Junciion, with M. C I-. K., I.. S. & M. 8 Ry. imd P. & P. M B. R.; at Monrue JnncltoD. witin L. 8. & M. M. Ry.; at Dundee, ivith L, . M. ; Rv.. M. & O. Kv.; at Mihui JllTll'tloll. wlilj Watmeii, tn. Luu'H L Paclnc ity.; at Plttifleld, wlth L.v. M. B. Ry.; at Ai;n Arbor wiih Michigan Central K. R., niid at South Lyon with Uetroit, Labsing & Ñüi'theru K. K., and Graud Trnuk Ky. H. W. ASHLEY, Geueral Slipt. W. H. BBNNE TT, Gcn'l. Pass. Agent. THÏ LIHE SE1ECTEB BY THE U. S. OOV 10 CABBY THE FAST KAIL GOITVG WEST. ONIY LIRE RUNNING TWO THE0UGH TBAINS DAILY FEOM CHICAGO, PEORÍA & ST. LOL IS, Tbrougb the Heartof tbe Continent b way Of Pur! iu' JUUCtlOD 1' OmallU tü DENVER, or vla Kansas City and Atchlsoa to Denver, conBecttugla Union lepots at harnas City, Atculsoü, Ornaba and Denver wlth throjgh iralus for SAN FRANCISCO, aud all poluta In the Far WesU Shorteot IJue to ' KANSAS CITY, And all polnts In tbe South-Wesu TOURISTS ANO HEALTH-SEEKERS Bhould not forget the factthat Round Trip tickets at reduced rates can be purebased vla tlns Urtil ThroiiBli Ijlne, toall the Health and Pleasurt I Ileeorts or the weat and Houth-West, lLCluding thOMuuntaliw oí COLOUADO, thev'alleyoX the i Voaemlie, the CITY OF MEXICO, and all poluta In the Mexlcan Republlc. HOME-SEEKERS ' Slioalcl also reniembtr that thls line leads direct to the beart oí the Government and Raliroad lauds In Nfiraska, Kansas Texaa, ColoraUo and Wuutilng' tun 'IVrrltorv. Ie 18 knownas thesrreat THKOUOH CAR LINK of America, &nd Is unlveraally admltied to be the Finest Eqnipped Rallroad in the World for all clasaoM of Travel. Tbroagh Ticfceta via thls line for sale at all Rallroad Coupon TicRut Oliiuoo iu the United tiiatet) aud ¦ Cauada. T.J. POTTKR, Viü l'roi. and Oon. Mauagcr. PERCKVAL LOWKLL, Uea. Pass. Ak'i Chicago. JNO. Q. A BKAN, (ten. fstern Ag't, all Broadway, New York, aud Jue U'iwiilualou tel., Butiou. RINSEY & SËABOLT'S IIÚI IlKEIT AND Flour and fesd Store. We krep coiiclauily 00 h int!, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, KlC, Por Whuleaale and Id-t.iil TtkJo. We sliall alno keep a "iipply of SWIFT & DEUBHIL'S BE8T White Wheat Flour! Uellii rioiir, lïyo Flour, liiuli ulieiil Flunr. Corn itleul, Feed, i:tc, At Wholesale and Hctail. A Rcncrat stock of mCERIES anfl PROVISIUNS Couetanlly on hand, whicli wlll he sold on as reaaoiiaiilc turma n at any other lioue In ihe city. fash paid lor BUTTEH, KGO-, and COUNTHY l'RODUOE generally. Ooode d'livered to auy purt of the cuy wlthnt emrn chari'. KINSKY & 8EÁB0LT. t NEURALGIA, Rheumatism 1'" AffectiOüB, Acute or Chronic Lumbago, Sciatica and i"'T8 Nervous He ad ach e. .„,i! ïhelr coni pletc nd perfect cure accom. EKVlIiii plishcd in a few hours.wlth a degree of ccruinty that challcnges dispute. For ale bj all drueglsts. l'rlcetl. Ak for circular. JAMES E.DAVIS & CO.,Agentt, Dittkoit. U74-l:to.


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